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Large native pond

Large native pond

A collection of native plants for a 120 sq ft (11.2 sq mtrs) pond upto 4ft (1.2m) deep with marginal shelves up to 18" (450mm) deep.
The collection will consist of the following plants and accessories.
3 Deep water plants
12 Oxygenators
40 Assorted marginals
10 planting baskets (for marginals)
3 planting baskets (for deep water plants) 

Will include good selection of plants, for example Water plantain, Flowering rush, Marsh marigold, Square stemmed St John's wort, Yellow loosestrife, Marsh woundwort, Purple loosestrife, Water mint, Bog bean, Water forget me not, Common watercress, Water crowfoot, Lesser spearwort, Cotton grass, Hornwort, Sweet garlingale, Soft rush, Hard rush, Sedge hop, Yellow flag, Brooklime and Water figwort.  Plants are supplied in 7cm and 9cm pots and bare root.

Planting in baskets you would need to purchase 36 litres of soil and 9 litres of gravel.

This collection is available without planting baskets if you wish to plant directly into soil.

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Planting basket options
Frogbit Water crowfoot Willow Moss
Gravel Aquatic soil - 20 litre

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