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Bee collection (Bog garden)

Bee collection (Bog garden)

A collection of 10 native bog garden plants suitable for attracting bees.

Bees are constantly in the news as some of the many species are now endangered, many of us are interested in gardening especially with wildlife in mind. To help the bees we have compiled a collection of plants to assist them with their pollinating. Many of the old fashioned plant varieties are the best choices for inviting bees into our gardens to pollinate plants. As they collect nectar the wild bees and honeybees also collect pollen. Bees are important pollinators and without them many of our plants could become extinct. 

The plants will be selected from our range of native bog garden plants to cover as long a flowering season as possible, and may include:

Sneezewort, Gypsywort, Marsh mallow, Marsh marigold, Ragged robin, Water mint, Yellow flag, Hemp agrimony, Pennyroyal, Water avens, Purple loosestrife, Forget-me-not, Meadow sweet, Devils bit scabious, Skullcap and Cuckoo flower.

We will endeavour to supply as much variety as possible with a minimum of five different types of plant in each pack.

Plants will be supplied in 9cm pots.


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