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Here are some of the comments that Puddleplants has received from customers.

All are genuine unsolicited and are not edited or changed in any way.

Hi Sonia,

I have received both the lifepond and plants yesterday and am very happy with the service  provided and quality of the plants and the pond.

Thank you,


7 January 2018

Hi Sonia

All arrived safely thank you .. looks a damn sight healthier than the marsh marigold! [Editors note: Marsh marigold not supplied by us!] I've replanted that right next to the woodpile in case it does grow .. both cowslips at the side and the forgetmenot in the corner next to the frog house .. all i need now is a frog or newt ... do you sell those :)

updated pic attached

thanks for your help


10 November 2017

Thankyou - all arrived looking very healthy, and now in pond. 

Till next time,


10 November 2017

Hi there,

Just a quick thank you for the beautiful aquatic plants which arrived last Friday. They were all packed so well and survived their journey intact. The quality of the plants is superb and I'm very much looking forward to making the pond with the group. Unfortunately Storm Ophelia put paid to outdoor work this week, but next Monday we are planning to get them into the pond. In the meantime they are all being stored in buckets in my greenhouse.



18 October 2017

Our order has arrived on time, as promised by the carrier.  The packaging is in excellent condition and the plants themselves look good.


10 October 2017

Dear Sonia

Thank youfor supplying such lovely pond plants to the Wildlife Trust pop-up garden!  They looked great and hopefully inspired lots of people.


30 September 2017

Dear David

Order happily received and plants installed. Vanity has me adding a photo of the result. Have pointed out there is plenty of room on the marginal shelves but the retirement budget holder has responded with one of her occasional silences. So more next year. Meanwhile we are thrilled. Thank you again for all your help . Regards . Keith

7 September 2017 


Plants arrived and all look fab. Thanks


Landscape Officer/Architect

5 September 2017

Good morning David

Thank you for your detailed and most helpful email.

In response to which:-

Yes I was aware the last 4 plants are for a bog garden - that's where they will be going - please leave on the order - sorry if this wasn't clear.

Substituting Water Hawthorn for the Amphibious Bisort is a welcome suggestion - yes please.
Therefore please also swop the Red Attraction lily for the Albida as you suggest - and include a 5l basket.

Dragonflies are an important part of my dream pond so yes, please do include the Water Soldier.

I thought the order was light on oxygenators. Native ones seem to be out of stock with everyone. I had intended to include water crowfoot or water violet but meantime please do increase the Hornwort to 3 of. And if you think suitable please add a Frogbit too (for which I expect to pay).

Your planting guidance is helpful, thank you. 

Baskets - please add a 5l one as you suggest. However I'd like to keep my order for 2l baskets at 10 please - for plants we are keen on you don't have available and the odd 'spare' for washing gravel etc..

You are generous to offer to absorb the increased cost of you suggestions but I've now added to that so please don't think I'm expecting you to  'gild the lily'. I'll be happy to pay the additional cost. Worth every penny for access to such a wonderful range of plants and truly expert guidance.

Don't want to sound over 'gushing' but while I've been creating new gardens for yonks it was clear I had a lot to learn with my first pond. Research on-line and around local aquatic suppliers have not yielded anything like the service you at Puddlplants provide. So thank you very much indeed. 

Finally we go away at the end of next week so the last date (sensibly) to receive plants and get them in the pond before that is Thursday 14th Sept. If you aren't able to deliver on or before then please delay until Monday 25th Sept or later.

Many thank and best regards

4 September 2017 

Hi Sonia

Just want to let you know how thrilled I am with the plants I have received from you. Healthy , large and well packed. I hope I can do justice to the next stage and keep them looking so good. Thank you once again. 


2 September 2017

Hi Sonia,

Plants arrived this morning and now planted, really pleased with them, thank you.


1 September 2017

Hi, plants all arrived and now all in my pond. Thanks for the prompt service. They are all in great condition.


1 September 2017

Dear Puddle Plants,

                I've received my plants in excellent order and planted up as instructions, now we just sits back ready to enjoy what must surely follow. Thanks for your very quick attention, and good looking plants.


31 August 2017

So pleased with the plants Sonia - excellent quality, well packed and arrived looking as fresh as one could possibly want.


Kind regards


30 August 2017

So pleased with the plants Sonia - excellent quality, well packed and arrived looking as fresh as one could possibly want.

Kind regards


30 August 2017

Hi David...I was really impressed by your service and help and the plants are amazing...


24 June 2017

No Problem sonia

The plants just tuned up and they are lovely .

I think I need to thing about a couple of large water lily in baskets to get things going

Many thanks


23 June 2017

Thank you! Lovely plants for my lovely new pond :)


22 June 2017

Thanks David,
I've processed the invoice for payment, really pleased with the quality of the plants.  
It's not a regular purchase for us but we'll certainly send any further enquiries your way.

Many thanks
Kind Regards

16 June 2017

Hi Sonia

I am delighted with my marginals and they look in such great condition - thank you.
I do hope you wont mind me emailing a query as I am sure it's a busy time of year for you.  I'm a full on gardener but have never had a pond!   I have inherited a concrete pond with sloping sides (about 45% I would estimate).  It measures about 15ft by 8ft and has a flat bottom about 6ft by 3ft.  How do I get my marginals to stay at the sides with no ready built shelving please?  Do you have any experience of what to put in it to stand them securely please?
Kind regards


2 June 2016

(Planting mats recommended)

Thanks Sonia. The plants arrived today and look great. Thank you for your excellent service.

Best regards,


1 June 2017

P'nown da Sonia,

Thanks for the planting information.  The plants have just been delivered and are in good nick.  I'll probably be needing a few more as my garden is very wet.



1 June 2017

Hi Sonia

Thanks for that though I put them in the pond the minute they arrived! They look very healthy and I am delighted with them so providing my neighbour does not go wading in to rescue his errant dog again I am hoping that they will thrive!

I am constantly removing duck weed and blanket weed though the pond looks very healthy with plenty of wild life. I have tried various solutions but if you have a minute maybe you could let me know what you find best for their control?
Thanks again

1 June 2016

(Ecopond Duckweed Control and Extract oif Barley straw recommended)

Hi David

thanks for this and your help and advice. Yes please a credit note would be good. Found you on the internet after a google search, but have also heard via colleagues in our industry. we were really impressed by the quality of the plants thank you. I will definitely recommend Puddle Plants to others

best wishes


12 May 2017

Thank you Sonia, that's no problem.

Plants arrived yesterday safe and well. Very pleased, thank you.


5 May 2017

Hello Sonia,

Sorry all your emails went to spam, thought it strange I hadn't had any contact.
You're lovely plants arrived this morning and have been placed in my rather murky looking new pond, hopefully it will clear soon.

Kind regards 

4 May 2017

Hi Sonia,

            just a note to say I received the order I placed with you and it was all great thanks, many thanks for the extras you sent foc a very pleasant surprise,

                                                                      regards Nigel 

2 May 2017

Hi. They arrived today, healthy plants in lovely condition.



25 April 2017

Hi Sonia,

I received my order today, thanks very much. I must say the quality of the plants is really good especially when one considers they travelled from one end of the UK to the furthest North they could possibly go on the UK Mainland.


20 April 2017




Just a quick message as I have realised we cant tag you in anyway, to say thank you so much for all your hard work and generosity with our pond plant order.  I attach a picture of everyone who helped on Sunday, all the parents and children from Llandogo School to help make the school grounds better for wildlife that included planting all your lovely native plants in the school pond! 

best wishes


4 April 2017

Congratulations: easy to understand website. Equally easy ordering process. Plants delivered promptly and in good condition. Thank you. 


14 February 2017

Thanks so much Sonia for a comprehensive reply – a lot of work for you but at least you could add the advice to your ‘Container Information’ for other beginners like me! I started with just a vague idea but after all your advice I now have a clear picture - there must be many like me with small gardens & no experience who would appreciate a ‘package’ similar to my one.  Especially as we’ve found a suitable container easily available.

Plants: yes please, finalise the order as below - delivery to suit you when you are/are not happy with giant cowslips.



4 February 2017

Many thanks for the cotton grass that has just landed ... truly amazing me as I only ordered them yesterday!!!  I will rush to plant them.

Thanks so much for being so prompt ... I now know where to come if I need more for my boggy area.



13 January 2017

Hi Sonia


The carrier was fine. Arrived at 8 AM. Good job I am an early riser ;-) The box 100% intact – not always the case with some carriers…

Plants all look very healthy and are already in situ. Looking forward to seeing them develop.

Cheers, Robin

9 January 2017

Hi Sonia

I hope you had a lovely Christmas.  I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being so helpful and holding back my order so that it would arrive for Christmas - it arrived on the Thursday before as you predicted which meant I didn't have to store them for too long before planting.  We've had great fun setting the lifepond up and though it doesn't look much at the moment (I didn't expect it to in December!) we're very much looking forward to watching our plants flourish in the new year and can't wait to see what wildlife it attracts in. There certainly was a lot of plants in the Deluxe Lifepond collection and your useful guides have given me an idea of what it will all look like and the beautiful flowers we'll see, as well as how to care for them (I'm a complete novice so knowing what to trim and when is very useful). Your plant collections make it so easy to set up a pond quickly, which I'm very grateful for.

Thanks for the great service, I suspect I'll be ordering from you again soon as I have no doubt my lifepond is just the start!


26 December 2016


Hi Sonia

 Thank you so much for the pond plants - they are a fantastic selection and I'm very pleased with the quality of them, and the way that they were packaged.  The courier service was also first rate.  I'm also impressed with your website, (and Facebook page) and have enjoyed looking up all my plants to see what they might eventually look like.

 If all companies were as efficient, friendly and helpful as Puddleplants, I think my life would be a whole lot easier!  (Have you ever tried to ring BT?)

 I am very excited to see how my pond turns out.  If I need any more plants, you will certainly be my first port of call, and I will be enthusiastically recommending you to everyone I know who has a pond or is thinking of getting one.

 It really has been an excellent service.

 Thank you again.



9 August 2016

Dear Sonia

We moved to our new house in Leicester 10 weeks ago and inherited a pond.

I am emailing to say that, following the purchase of 3 water lilies from your company, I am delighted to say that they are flourishing - unlike the other water lilies I purchased from a rival company, which have died because they were so badly packed when they were sent to us.

I wanted to congratulate your company on its great customer service, great packaging of plants and overall fabulous choice.

Your website has also been very useful in terms of advice.

Many thanks again.


15 June 2016

Dear Sonia,

I'd just like to let you know I'm delighted with the plants I bought from you. Everything arrived safely with no leaks, and we had great fun opening up the parcel then planting up our new pond and little bog garden. Everything seems quite happy, especially our beautiful marsh marigold which is flowering already, and we loved finding the little extra surprise you included - don't know what it is, but it's growing! We're looking forward to adding some more lovely things once your floating plants come into stock. Such a good service - much appreciated!

Best wishes, Laura

Dear Sonia 
Many thanks for the excellent service package delivered first thing this morning exactly as promised once again many thanks again.will certainly recommend your company to all my clients. 



 Just to say thank you so much for the incredibly fast delivery of my order, especially all the way up here to the Highlands. The plants look great - can't wait to get them in and growing.
Thanks also for the pen! best wishes


 Dear Sonia,

Thank you very much for sending my plants so quickly.  They arrived in good health and are now installed in my pond.
There did seem to be more plants than I had ordered, by accident or design I don't know, but thank you anyway - I managed to find a home for the extra ones.

Hi Sonia

Thank you so much for the plants, they are wonderful and now planted into my pond where they will look spectacular in due course. Really impressed by the packing, speed and of course the plants. Thank you once again, your site is now in my favorites and I am sure will be used again.


When we get around to it we will order some plants . My partner looked around and found this site. Its really good and easy to follow. Just thought Id mention it.


Dear Sonia,

I just wanted to say how delighted I was with my plant order from Puddle Plants. I received generous measures and everything was beautifully packed and arrived in exellent condition. I will be recommending you!
I also found your website informative and easy to use.
Thank you for great service,



Dear Sonia, I just wanted to thank you for replacing the damaged plants so promptly! I am so grateful to you and they are now gracing the margins of our pond! Thank you once again and I'll be buying from you again!!

Kind Regards,



Hi Sonia:-
The plants arrived today and I have already planted them about the pond. Many thanks for the efficient & safe packing. And also many thanks for the bonus plants!  A very generous gesture. I have a wildlife pond, mainly for the encouragement of Odonata. But naturally, it is home for a whole spectrum of welcomed mini-beasties.



To all at Puddleplants,

Just had to send a big thank you for such a lovely selection of plants, all looking very healthy and really well packaged. Well worth the price and super fast delivery. I'm really looking forward to watching my bog garden grow :-)

Many Thanks Again

Kind Regards



Plants arrived today, beautifully packed and in good condition. Straight into pond and I will pot up properly on return from holiday. Lovely selection and thankfully no Carex !! Thank-you again , I look forward to a good show in a couple of years.

Regards Sue

Have received my order on the Isle of Wight today 27th.Plants all in very good  condition and packaging and delivery also good.Thank you very much and I hope to use your company again.


Thankyou, received plants yesterday. very prompt service, will definitely use you again!


Hi Puddleplants

Thank you so much for the lovely plants received today. I will definitely be using you again. 

many thanks



Dear Sonia,

The plants arrived in excellent condition and are now all installed in the pond, where they appear to be settling.  My husband and I are both delighted with Puddleplants service and your help, and will not hesitate to recommend you.

With kindest regards


Hi Sonia,

Just a quick e-mail to let you know that the above mentioned order was delivered to-day.
Both my husband and I are most impressed with the service, quality and quantity of the order. We will certainly buy from you again and will recommend you to our friends and colleagues.

Thank you and well done. 

Kind regards 

Jean and MIck



Thank you.

They arrived quickly and in tip-top condition. Good weather for planting too..



Hello Sonia

Package arrive 10 mins ago! Thank you so much for all your help and the great service! The plants are beautifully packed and look lovely and fresh.

Cheers for now,



Dear Sonia,

The plants have all arrived safely - some are already in my new pond and I am about to go and sort out the others. Thank you so much for such excellent quality and amazingly prompt delivery. So exciting watching new invertebrates arriving too - takes me back to childhood when I had my first pond (over 1/2 century ago!). The thrill doesn't diminish.

Best wishes



Hello Sonia,

Sorry I had meant to email earlier, but the plants arrived in great nik, spent a happy and muddy hour or so planting them all in to baskets in temporary buckets on the day they arrived and this weekend troughs arrived that are now the plants permanent pondy home - will be joined by fish in a week or so.  The plants really look good and I was very happy with the quality of them.  

So thank you very much,

Best wishes,




Hi Sonia 

Thank you for my order received today.lovley plants I am very pleased with all the order,

Kind regards




Dear Sonia,

I have received my plants, thank you very much, and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with them. I can't wait for next year to see them growing and flowering in my pond. 

Once again, thank you for your prompt service and quality plants, I will be sure to recommend you to my friends.

Kindest regards




Hi Sonia

Thanks so much for sending our order so quickly. The plants arrived within a week of ordering and are very healthy and of excellent quality.

Your careful packing meant they are all in great condition and we are planting them today.

Thanks for the excellent quality service, we have already recommended you to friends and will use you again if we need more plants in the future.



Hi Sonia,

Have just got back in to find two wonderful parcels, have just been like a kid at xmas opening them all.

The plants all look great, and I can't wait to have a big planting session this week or weekend depending on the weather.

Thanks for the great service and speedy delivery and thank you so much for the extras as well, the will be much appreciated!

kind regards




What a fantastic personalised service. I must admit that I had not taken note of your location when I placed the order, but delivery within less than 1 day is tremendous.

A definite recommendation to friends and family.

Thank you.

Kind regards





The plants arrived safely on Saturday morning and they were all planted by Saturday afternoon.

Many thanks again for the brilliant packing and condition the plants arrived in.

Kind regards


Dear Sonia

The plants arrived safely on Saturday morning and they were all planted by Saturday afternoon.

Many thanks again for the brilliant packing and condition the plants arrived in.

Kind regards


Hi Sonia,

received my order today, all the plants arrived well packaged and there were definitely more there

than I was expecting....I'll order from you later in the season,

many thanks, Ian

Hello Sonia

I just wanted to say thank you for the efficient way in which my order was processed and delivered.

I haven’t ordered from you before but should I need any pond plants in the future I shall certainly check

your web site first.

All I need now is an improvement in the weather so that I can get this year’s gardening under way!

Many thanks Dorothy 


dear Sonia

we would like to say how pleased we are with the plants that came very quickly and are now set up in
are new water barrel in our garden it was also good to get all the paperwork on what to do as this is an
area of gardening that is new to us again thank you very much for your service



Thank you for this information.  We managed to plant all our plants yesterday, but it wasn't the enjoyable

experience it should have been, because of the cold and snow!  I don't expect the plants are enjoying

life out there very much either!


I'm very glad that I don't have your cold job, packing up water plants in this cold! 



Dear Sonia,

The plants came yesterday afternoon and are now all planted. Thank you for such a lovely lot of healthy

looking plants.







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