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Dragon & Damsel fly collection

Dragon & Damsel fly collection

A collection of 10 native pond plants suitable for attracting dragon and damsel flies.  This collection is suitable for a very small pond (<=1 sq. m/11 sq. ft) or as supplemental planting for larger ponds.  The marginals will grow to cover 2-3m of marginal shelves.

To provide the ideal environment for dragonflies and damselflies a varied collection of plants are required. Oxygenating plants provide oxygen and cover for the larvae. Floating plants and marginals give both hiding places for the larvae, landing pads and egg-laying sites for the adults. Emergent marginal plants are necessary for the larvae to climb out of the water to emerge from their larval skin, and they also provide perching, roosting and egg-laying sites for adults.  Do not stock your pond with fish if you wish to encourage dragon and damselflies as they will eat the nymphs!

The collection will consist of:

2 Oxygenators

1 Deep water plant

7 Marginal plants

The plants will be selected from our range of native plants and may include:

Hornwort, Willow moss, Starwort, Water crowfoot, Fringe lily, Amphibious bistort, Water plantain, Water mint, Brooklime, Branched Bur-reed, Yellow flag, Narrow reed mace, Purple loosestrife, Bog bean, Marsh marigold, Pendulous sedge, Lesser Spearwort, Mare's tail and Water Soldier.

We will endeavour to supply as much variety as possible with a minimum of five different types of plant in each pack.

Plants will be supplied in 9cm pots and bare root.

This collection is available without planting baskets, with baskets only, or as a complete package including soil and aquatic gravel -please select  from "Collection options" box below. 

Planting in baskets you would need to purchase 14 litres of soil and 1.7 litres of gravel.  If the baskets option is selected we will supply a mixture of approx 50/50 1 and 2 litre baskets with the 2 litres for the taller/larger growing plants.

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Collection options
Flowering rush Marsh marigold Water Hawthorn
Water crowfoot 17cm (2 litre) Round Planting basket

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