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The Lifepond plant collection

The Lifepond plant collection

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A collection of 8 native pond plants specially selected for the Lifepond to provide the ideal environment for dragonflies, newts, frogs, bees and butterflies.

You will receive a selection of 4 plants for the marsh area which may include Water forget-me-not, Devil's bit scabious, Creeping jenny, Ragged robin, Pennyroyal, Water avens, Cuckoo flower and Sneezewort.

For the deep water area 3 marginal plants which may include Marsh marigold, Hard rush, Common cotton grass and Slender-tufted sedge.  2 aquatic baskets will be supplied: a 2 litre shallow square to contain 2 of the maginals, usually the taller ones to provide stability, and a 1 litre basket. 1 oxygenating plant, either Willow moss or Hornwort.

Plants supplied are in 9cm pots and will quickly look established.  To complete your Lifepond you will need 12 litres of soil for the marsh area and 2 litres of aquatic gravel for the marsh and aquatic baskets.

You can buy the Lifepond collection complete with everything you need including soil, gravel and baskets, or just the plants and baskets by selecting from the "Choose collection" box below.  Buying complete with everything represents a saving of 30% on individual item prices.

The Lifepond is not included in this collection but can be purchased here

Planting instructions can be accessed here, however we will email a PDF of these on day of dispatch.

We hope you enjoy watching the plants grow and eventually atracting a myriad of wildlife to your Lifepond!

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Ragged robin Hornwort Willow Moss
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