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Marsh marigold

Marsh marigold

These early flowering native spring perennials bring a splash of colour into the garden from as early as March, but are at their best in April. They can give a second flush of colour in August if the plants are trimmed back after their 1st flowering. They have Yellow buttercup like flowers with glossy green leaves making a spectacular addition to pond margins and bog gardens, and quickly grow to form large clumps which are easily divided to provide new plants in spring or autumn.

Caltha's grow well as either marginal or bog garden plants making them very versatile. As marginal plants they will grow up to 20cm (8ins) under water; and can grow up to 50cm (20ins) in height. A valuable plant providing early nectar for bees and butterflies emerging from hibernation.

20 May 2018: Please note these have been chopped back after flowering to encourage new growth and a possible second flush of flowers later in the summer.

Caltha, a yellow flowered plant; palustris, of the marshes

Height: 30-60-cm

Planting position: Pond marginal shelf up to 20cm deep; or very wet soil

Form: 9cm in pots or 1 and 2 litres in an aquatic basket -please select size from "Choose size" box below 

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