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Native edging plants

Native edging plants

A collection of 10 creeping native marginal plants for covering pond edges.  These plants will be equally happy in either the pond margins or an adjacent bog area as long as it's reliably wet, and will cover an area of 2 - 2.5 metres.

The plants will be selected from our range of native plants and may include:

Water mint, Forget-me-not, Water cress, Brooklime, Pennyroyal, Bog bean, Fools water cress, Lesser Spearwort, Creeping Jenny, Marsh cinquefoil.  

We will endeavour to supply as much variety as possible with a minimum of five different types of plant in each pack.

Plants will be supplied in 9cm pots apart from the Bog bean which will be bare root.

This collection is available without planting baskets, with baskets only, or as a complete package including soil and aquatic gravel -please select  from "Collection options" box below.

Planting in baskets you would need to purchase 10 litres of soil and 1.5 litres of gravel.  If the baskets option is selected we will supply a mixture of sizes appropriate for the plants selected and will assume all plants are going in the pond.


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Purple Loosestrife Branched bur reed Hornwort
Willow Moss Gravel

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