Water Hawthorn

Water Hawthorn
Water Hawthorn Water Hawthorn

An attractive plant with pretty highly perfumed white flowers which compliments water lilies beautifully, extending the flowering season. Flowers April-June, then Oct to first frosts.  Tolerates moving water and very happy in part shade.  Don't be alarmed if the Water Hawthorn dies back in the summer it will reappear when the weather cools down and will start to flower again!

12 June 2018:  please note they are being chopped back before dispatch now as they're waning a bit in the early summer heat, but they are still lovely strong well-rooted plants that will come back strongly in late summer/early autumn

Planting position: Submerged 30cm to 90cm, sun or partial shade.  Eventual height 10cm and spread 50-100cm.

Form:  1 litre and 2 litre in a planting basket -please select size from "Choose size" box below

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Latin Name Aponogeton distachyos
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