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Water lily 'Escarboucle'

Water lily 'Escarboucle'

Large rounded mid-green leaves 25-27cm (10-12in) across with cup-shaped, later star-shaped, vermilion-red scented flowers up to 20cm (8in) across produced from June to September which have white-tipped outer petals and dark orange stamens.  This is considered to be one of the best red waterlilies and is very free flowering with the stunning large flowers staying open longer than other lilies.  Is a fairly slow but large grower and best in medium to large ponds.  It has an RHS AGM award.

Spread: 120-150cm

Planting position: Still water, submerged 45-90cm in full sun

Form: 1 litre in a pot -we recommend repotting into a 5 litre aquatic planting basket.

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Latin Name Nymphaea 'Escarboucle'
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