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Water lily 'James Brydon'

Water lily 'James Brydon'

Rounded leaves 17cm (7in) across are purplish brown with dark purple markings when young, turning to bronze green.  Cup shaped vivid rose-red flowers 10-12cm (4-5in) across produced from June to September have orange-red stamens.  This is a very free flowering fragrant (smells of ripe apples) lily that unusually will tolerate some shade.  Mid-sized lily ideal most pond sizes.  It has an RHS AGM.

Spread: 80-120cm

Planting position: Still water, submerged 30-60cm, full sun or partial shade

Form: 1 litre and 4 litre in an aquatic basket -please select size from "Choose size" box below

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Latin Name Nymphaea 'James Brydon'
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