Willow Moss

Willow Moss

An excellent native oxygenating plant also good for spawning wildlife as the eggs can easily stick to the small scale-like leaves. Grows well in shade or part sun and is evergreen.  Provides good cover for pond wildlife.

Willow moss is a free floating oxygenator and like Hornwort has no roots, so does not need planting.  Supplied as lead-weighted bunches as is the industry norm, however the only advantage this gives is if you want it to stay in one place.  An alternative to the lead weighting is to hold it down with a stone or under a planting basket.  If you don't want to 'fix' it in place just let it float and find its own depth.  If you don't need it please specify no lead weight in comments box on checkout page.

Planting position: Depths of 15-60cm. 

Form: Weighted bunches


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Latin Name Fontinalis
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