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Ecopond Duckweed Control 2.5 litre

Ecopond Duckweed Control 2.5 litre

Duckweed Control

2,500ml treats 1,000 gallons (4,500 litres) for 5.5 months.  

Prevents the growth and spread of duckweed and inhibits its return.

Duckweed Control reduces the level of nutrients critical to the growth of the most common species of duckweed (Lemna minor) so that they are unavailable as a food source. Once existing weed has been removed, its return is inhibited. Ecopond Duckweed Control will not harm fish, wildlife or other plant life within the pond.  If treatment is continued in the Autum it will prevent the formation of sporeswhich would otherwise lead to further Duckweed growth in the following spring.

We particularly like this product as it is natural, contains no herbicides or pesticides and is safe for pets and children.

Recommended dosage 25ml per 450 litres (100 gallons) as an initial dose, followed by 10ml per week until no growth evident.  Calculate the volume of water in your pond as follows:

 Cubic metres x 1,000 = litres;

 Cubic feet x 6.25 = gallons

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