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The Lifepond small wildlife pond has been carefully designed to offer a home to the maximum amount of garden wildlife using the minimum amount of water, and taking up the least amount of space.  


Deepwater Zone with Sunning Area


Lifepond provides a deep water area more suited for marginal plants; where you can find frogs and newts during the breeding season.  The Deepwater Zone is surrounded by a built-in sunning area.


Shallow Zone with Slope

Linked by a slope, the  shallow water area of your Lifepond will attract insects such as dragonflies, butterflies and water boatmen.  Birds will delight in bathing and the shallow zone provides them with a source for drinking water. 


Marsh Plants Zone

No wildlife pond is complete without a bog garden and area of Marsh Plants.  Lifepond has a defined planting area with a special irrigation channel which allows marsh plants to thrive and provides a haven for butterflies and amphibians. 


Climbing Slope for Amphibian

Amphibians need easily scalable sloping sides.  Lifepond has a climbing slope on 2 sides.  The other 2 sides are steeper to aid siting the pond in a corner, if required.  


The Wildlife Refuge provides a haven beneath the pond and is accessible at two points.    

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