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Lifepond is a ready-made small but perfectly formed wildlife friendly pond for use on patios and in small gardens.  It is designed to sit on a patio or any level surface in the garden -no digging required! It has 2 straight edges so it can be placed against a wall or in a corner if space is tight. 

Unlike any other pre-formed pond it has been designed first and foremost with wildlife in mind, with a host of special features/zones to provide a haven for a wide variety of different insects and amphibians:

  • Deeper water area for frogs and newts to breed
  • shallow area that will attract other wildlife such as dragonflies, butterflies and water boatmen
  • A marsh area for marginal/bog plants to attract pollinators and provide shelter and access for amphibians
  • Sloping, textured sides for easy access to the pond
  • Wildlife refuge for frogs and other amphibians to shelter or hibernate underneath the pond

Size(WxLxH) - 76x96x20cm, Volume: 38 litres, Marsh Area: 730 sq. cm.

Click here for map of different zones

Click here to visit the website of the inventor, Neville Carrington, where you will find much more information on the pond and some fantastic and interesting information on garden wildlife you can expect to attract!

We sell separately a special wildlife based plant collection -see related product below.  If you order the Lifepond from us and purchase this collection we will ensure the delivery of the plants coincides with delivery of your Lifepond from the manufacturer.


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Ragged robin Hornwort The Lifepond plant collection
Gravel Aquatic soil - 20 litre

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