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Osmocote Exact 8-9 5g

Osmocote Exact 8-9 5g

Some plants are heavy feeders, especially lilies and deep water plants and may need an extract boost to keep them in tip top condition. These Osmocote slow release fertiliser tablets are perfect for the job and allow you to give very accurate dosages in a very simple manner. Thanks to its conical shape they can easily be pushed into the growing matter. These tablets are rated as 8-9 months, but in the colder temperatures of the pond environment they will release their goodness more slowly over a 12 month period. Recommended dosage is one tablet (5 grams) per 1 litre of pot size. Always good to use when re-potting plants, especially lilies, into larger baskets.

Available in 10, 20 and 50 tablet packs -please select quantity from "Choose quantity" box below.

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