Water hyacinth

Water hyacinth

Showiest of all the floating plants with shiny green foliage and lovely pale lavender-blue flowers from June to August, but please note it requires a hot summer to produce flowers -so in many years will not!  A very unusual plant where the floating leaf stems are inflated like balloons to give buoyancy, keeping the thick green leaves above the water.  Provides shelter and resting places for insects and amphibians.  Excellent at removing nitrates from the water, and therefore controlling algae,  these plants are not hardy so will blacken and die back at first sign of frosts.  Remove any blackening plants from pond and compost, which permanently removes nitrates from the pond.  Can be over-wintered indoors or a warm greenhouse but survival not guranteed.  A very fast grower, it should only be used in smaller ponds where it can be easily controlled.  Thoeretically to be banned this year as part of a daft EU directive as this plant is problematic in warmer European climates where it does not die back in winter, but not a problem here.

Planting position: Floating

Form: Bare root

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Latin Name Stratiotes Aloides
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