Generally the dwarf lilies will only look good in container ponds or very small ponds less than a metre square, unless you want to plant them in small groups, as they’re very delicate with thin stems, small leaves and are slow growing.  The small/miniatures will be fine in small ponds up to a couple of square metres, and the large would be fine in medium sized ponds of 5 square metres or more, although the vigorous cultivars like the Alba and Gladstoniana may need splitting after a few years.

Dwarf Pygmaea rubra, Pygmaea helvola, Snow Princess

 Perry’s Baby Red, Froebelii, Ellisiana, Laydekeri fulgens, William Falconer, Candidissima, Xiafei, Zeus, Laydekeri Lilacea, Laydekeri Purpurata


Rene Gerard, Albida, James Brydon, ChromatellaOdorata Firecrest, Black Princess, Paul Hariot, Almost Black, Gonnere, Perry's Fire Opal, Rose Arey, Madame Wilfron Gonnere, Hermine, Rembrandt, Joey Tomocik, Colorado, Barbara Dobbins, Newton

Large AlbaMarliacea Carnea, Gladstoniana, Attraction, Darwin (Hollandia), Charles de Meurville, Texas Dawn, Mrs Richmond, Sirius, Virginalis