Our Water lilies by size

Generally the dwarf lilies will only look good in container ponds or very small ponds as they’re very delicate and slow growing.  The small/miniatures will be fine in small and medium sized ponds and the large would be fine in medium sized ponds although the vigorous cultivars like the Alba and Gladstoniana may need splitting after a few years.


Dwarf  Pygmaea rubra, Pygmaea alba, Pygmaea helvola, Snow Princess
Miniature/Small    Shady Lady, Perry’s Baby Red, CandidaFrobelii, Little SueEllisiana, Odorata MinorAurora, Denver
Medium Rene Gerard, Albida, James Brydon, ChromatellaOdorata FirecrestOdorata 'William B. Shaw', Black Princess, Paul Hariot, Wanvisa, Almost Black, Gonnere
Large  AlbaMarliacea Carnea, Gladstoniana, Attraction, Escarboucle


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