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Bog bean

Bog bean
Bog Bean

A good creeping plant pretty pink tipped white flowers from April to June. A valuable native plant that forms floating mats providing egg laying sites for adult dragonfly, also perching and roosting sites; the larvae use the stems to climb out of the water. Plant in sun or shade although will flower best in full sun. Can be propagated by division.  

Menyanthes, Moon Flower; trifoliata with three leaves

Height: 20-30cm

Planting position: Pond marginal shelf up to 0-60cm deep, or very wet soil.  Best planted in a shallow square 2 litre aquatic basket: lay across top of empty basket with roots draping into basket and growing tip pointing up, fill around with soil and firm down.  Add gravel to finish and if necessary weight the stem sitting on the surface of the soil with a small stone to prevent floating away.

Form: Bare root 

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