Water lilies & deep water pond plants

Puddle Plants Indicates plants native to the UK.
Puddle Plants Indicates plants that attract the wild life.

For a well-balanced pond you should aim to have surface cover plants taking up at least 50% of the surface area when in growth and Water lilies are one of the best, most attractive and effective ways of contributing to this.  Water hawthorn is also a favourite of ours and is an excellent companion to lilies as it flowers either side of the main lily season and has a fabulous scent.

Water lilies are the classic pond plant and every pond, whatever size should have at least one!  Apart from looking beautiful they perform a whole host of essential functions in the pond environment, including: keeping the pond cool in hot weather by shading the water from the sun, helping to reduce algae; competing for surplus nutrients in the pond, which also helps to control algae; providing shelter and cover for fish and amphibians; providing egg laying sites for dragonflies and damselflies; and giving perching and roosting sites for insects and amphibians.

They come in many different sizes, so you should be able to find one to suit your pond whether it’s a small container or a large lake. We stock a good selection of sizes and colours including 5 of the 6 water lilies that carry the RHS AGM ‘seal of approval’, including the ChromatellaEscarboucleGladstoniana,  Gonnere and James Brydon.

We have lilies in various sizes from 1 litre to 3.5 litres and above so please check the individual lily product page to see which sizes are available.  Lilies supplied in aquatic baskets are topped with gravel and fed with a slow release fertiliser tab prior to dispatch.

Click here for All You Need to Know about Water lilies.

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