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Here are some of the comments that Puddleplants has received from customers.

All are genuine unsolicited and are not edited or changed in any way.
Dear David,

Thank you for the excellent service you have provided both via telephone contact and by email.
Our order of plants arrived on time as promised and appear to be in a good healthy condition.
Once again many thanks for your customer service.

We would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

Mary Curtin (Mrs)
26 October 2018
Very speedy delivery, plants in top condition and now in pond where they will hopefully thrive. Many thanks.

25 October 2018
To all at Puddle Plants

Thank you for your help and advice. My plants arrived this morning before 9am!
I have been to my U3A Spanish class, bought some food and just planted the "puddle"
plants. They look really good and thank you for a first class service.

All I want now is the wildlife!

Kind Regards,

Joan Tyndall
9 October 2018
Dear sir madam.
I received my plant order today [Friday morning] I would like to thankyou for your excellent service.
The plants were superbly packed & arrived in marvellous condition.
I will not hesitate to purchase more items from you in the future.

Yours faithfully
Mr N B Wilson
5 October 2018
Thank you.
You have been so helpful to someone new to this.

Kind Regards
1 October 2018
Dear Sonia,
Just to say thank you for the very prompt delivery and the careful packing of my order yesterday; the plants were in my little wildlife pond within hours. If I need anything else for the pond, you will be my first choice. Very best wishes,

Wendy Bolt
26 September 2018
Dear Sonia,

Plants arrived safely Tuesday PM and were in the pond by 7pm!!
They look very well grown plants, we are delighted with them. The pond looks more clothed already, hopefully the wildlife will enjoy their new abodes.

Many thanks,


19 September 2018
Dear Sonia,

Our little pond is now planted up and looking lovely. The marsh marigold and the forget me not are flowering and the water is beautifully clear with the pond snails.

Thank you so much. You have made the whole experience so enjoyable.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards

7 September 2018

Just to confirm everything has arrived safely in excellent condition, many thanks, Vicky

31 August 2018
Hi David
Thanks for taking so much care over my order. I shall have to go back on your site and order some more plants for the garden now!
So appreciate the excellent service.
Kind regards,

28 August 2018
Hi Sonia,
Everything has arrived safely and the plants have survived the journey well and look really good.
Thank you for the snails! And again, many thanks for all your help in sorting this out for us. We will be planting up this weekend.

With best wishes

26 August 2018
Just received my order of bog plants from you. Thankyou for your prompt delivery, the plants are well established and are extremely healthy.

21 August 2018
Hi David

Just a quick update - the plants all arrived yesterday afternoon (all in fine order) and I have just finished getting everything planted. What service!

Many thanks!


9 August 2018
Hi Dave and Sonia,
Plants safely received yesterday and in place for event today. They are brilliant and exactly what I was looking for. I will transfer the money over today.
Thanks again for your help on this. We will recommend you to as many people as possible at the event.
Have a good weekend,
Andy Gunn,
Wild Oxford Project Officer
Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust

2 August 2018
I just wanted to say a big Thank you for the two miniature water lilies we bought from you in the spring. They have become well established in their respective half barrels and we have been enjoying flowers since the end of June. The 'Red Ellisiana' in particular has been fantastic, sending up one bud after another and today there are 5 buds at various stages! Best wishes, Anne

29 July 2018
Hi, just received the 3 water lilies as ordered - just a quick thankyou - the plants were perfect in every way and very well packaged for their journey.
Again many thanks.

26 July 2018

Thank you very much for the tips on pot size, this was very useful, as were the full planting instructions from your previous email. You have supplied me with all the
information someone like me, doing their first pond needs

I would just like to say how pleased I am. The plants are lovely, well looked after and bigger than I was expecting, There was plenty of soil and gravel to plant them all
up, and the right amount of good quality baskets.

If I need any more plants, I will definitely use you again, and would highly recommend you to anyone else who needs pond plants, and I reckon my newts will be very
happy with their new environment

Many Thanks


4 July 2018
Back in September we set up our wildlife pond and plants purchased from you.
Today we found our first resident frog and are so excited!
It is a fabulous addition to the garden.
Thank you so much xxxxx
25 June 2018
Thank you for planting instructions, I have followed them to the letter.
It really helped me as I have never planted a pond before.
I'm looking forward to seeing it thrive and hope the frog in my garden (which I haven't seen for a while) will enjoy it.
Last year and the year before we had three baby frogs and as there is no water in my garden thought it was time to change that.
Many thanks
22 June 2018
Hi David
It's a year since we were last in contact and I am delighted with how our pond and plants are developing. I've attached an iffy photo of the thriving bog bean and mats to show you!
The pond mats which I hung from the side (because we didn't have enough ledges for marginal plants) have really come on a treat and I want to put three more in and fill them with the same assortment we had last time (forget me nots, flag irises etc).
In addition I'd like another Water Hawthorn please.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards
22 June 2018
Hi David - thought I would update you ! Thanks for the advice last year,
patience has finally been rewarded and for the first time I have a flower!
(see attachment...)
Thanks again
21 June 2018

The plants have arrived, thank you so much, they look so healthy and beautiful. We're just praying for a bit of rain now so our bog garden stays boggy!
Thanks again


14 June 2018
Hi David,
Water soldier safely arrived and the pond is complete. Many thanks for the excellent service; the pond is already attracting a range of wildlife and, in turn, providing great pleasure.
Best wishes
30 May 2018
Received this morning, great looking plants. Thanks
30 May 2018
Dear David,
Everything arrived in excellent condition, ready to put in the pond, so I enjoyed getting in it to do that over the weekend, when the weather and water were both nice and warm !
My daughter-in-law is just making her first pond so I will offer her a donation for some plants for her birthday present.
Thank you.
29 May 2018
Hi David,
Thank you so much for your advice it will be really helpful and I shall look forward to the plants arriving today.
I am very impressed with the fast delivery and the advice given, as I previously ordered from B******** D***** and they promised a delivery between 5-7 days and when I rang on the 8th day they just re-sent the receipt so after this I cancelled the order with them, hence my order with you and I'm so impressed I will certainly be ordering from you again.
With best regards Lynn Fishenden
25 May 2018
Hello Sonia
Just wanted to say a big thank you to yourself and David for the help you have given me and for your outstanding service which has gone above and beyond what could reasonably be are all stars
Please feel free to use this email on your website
With best wishes
25 May 2018
Dear Sonia,
Just to say thanks for my plants - they arrived yesterday in perfect condition and I'm so pleased with them - will definitely be ordering more!
Best wishes,
25 May 2018
Hi David,
My water lily arrived yesterday at 3.15pm. It was expertly packed and in a very good condition.
Many thanks
23 May 2018
Hi Sonia
Thanks for getting back to me (and I think I may have missed a call from you also). Richard did advise about the comments box when I spoke to him on the phone prior to ordering, but I could not see it when placing the order – it would be in plain sight but not to me!
I know couriers are expensive and the plants were extremely well packed so do appreciate why you have to charge the amount you do. The plants were in great condition when they arrived and to date are doing ok in the new pond.
At present I will leave the order of water soldier (thank you for offering to reduce the postage amount). I am hoping my friend will do an order soon and I will piggyback onto that.
It's been a pleasure to do business with you and I will be ordering more plants in the future and also give you a shout out on social media saying what great plants you provide.
Kind regards
18 May 2018
Hi Sonia and David,
Just a quick note to say thank you for the pond plants which arrived on Friday and are now all in the ponds. They looked very healthy and strong and were much admired by my colleagues! I hope they establish well.
Thank you again for all your help,
17 May 2018
Hello Sonia,
The plants look great, my client is very pleased. I have placed them in buckets and basins ready to go into the pond next week.
Thank you.
17 June 2018
Hi David
The plants arrived safely today and are now installed in the pond. I was worried about what condition the plants would be in after their journey, but they are absolutely superb as they were so well packed!
Thank you.
4 May 2018

Thanks they arrived safely!
I'm very pleased with the swift survive and the quality of the plants is very good
2 May 2018
Hello Sonia,
I thought I'd let you know the plants arrived safely today, all in good order. They look great.
Thank you
King regards
28 April 2018
Dear Sonia
Thank you for the very fast response to my recent order
I received the plants today and only hope I can care for them as well as they have been grown up to now!
With thanks Tess
25 April 2018
Plants arrived on schedule and in perfect shape. All now carefullybinstalled. Thank you.
20 April 2018
Hi David,
Please see email string below; I don't know what to say except for some reason everyone in the building must have been looking for plants rather than cardboard boxes?! I'm so relieved your wonderful plants have been found. I've managed to extend today's session which will mean I'll have time at lunchtime to run out to the farm to get them and so they will be in their new home by end of the day!
Thanks again!
19 April 2018
Dear Sonia,
The plants have arrived and my wife is very pleased with them.
Thank you
Kind regards
11 April 2018
Hi Sonia,
Just to say that the wonderful plants arrived safety yesterday. We have planted them all up and they are now placed carefully in our new wild life pond. We are now waiting for growth and wild life!
Many thanks
7 April 2018
Hi Sonia
Just wanted to say our order arrived today- excellent plants in superb condition, in the pond for which the amphibians will be grateful as we have downsized their living accommodation.
I will definitely recommend you and order more plants in the future
4 April 2018
Thank you lovely plants
31 March 2018
hello again Sonia
and once again again thanks for the helpful comments and support.....i'll put the lily back on the bottom in the morning and keep an eye on it
i have been hugely impressed by the way you have patiently helped me to make all the difficult choices needed to be made when planning and planting my pond...and by the efficient way that the plants were packed and delivered to me...please feel free to share my comments with visitors to your website or to your nursery
thanks again to you all
with very best wishes
29 March 2018
Dear Sonia,
I'm not a great fan of giving feedback all the time, but I just wanted to say thanks for the great service;
Healthy looking plants, delivered really quickly & lots of useful info on your website. I could not have asked for more.
Many thanks
18 March 2018
Hi David
Just a note to say that all the plants arrived around 4:30pm this afternoon
One pond planted up and all arrived in great conditions
Thanks for your help
9 March 2018
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