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These are some of the comments that Puddleplants has received from customers. All are genuine, unsolicited and not changed in any way save for in one or two cases where they were very long so have been shortened by removing paragraphs not relevant to our service or plants.

We aren’t represented on any of the major review sites as, to be honest, they are too open to manipulation and false self-serving reviews to be of any great value. Hopefully the feedback we get from our customers faithfully reproduced below will give you a feel for our passion for our plants and our commitment to try and give the best possible customer service we can. We don’t always get things 100% right, but will always do our best to resolve any problems that very occasionally occur to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We are not a faceless 9-5 internet business that is difficult to contact, but a husband and wife team that are always available for our customers.

Dear David,
Thank you. The very good quality plants have arrived safely.
Best wishes,
Peter Boyd, 21 May 2022

oh you are brilliant. thank you!
we have just made a natural swimming pool/pond,  and we are sort of filling as we go, so I imagine i’ll be ordering loads from you in the future. so far your plants seem to be in the best shape and I really like how you package/send them..!
star Gifford, 20 May 2022

Hi David,
Wow that is fantastic news !
Thank you so much for attending to the order so quickly.
Best regards
Honor Harris, 19 May 2022

Hi Sonia,
Just to let you know I have received delivery this morning of my Native Barrel collection plants.  They all arrived safely and are now in my barrel pond and looking fabulous.
Thanks very much for such excellent service.
Kind regards,
Christine Gray, 19 May 2022

Thank you again, they arrived in great condition as always and are already looking good in the pond!
Carly Banner 14 May 2022

Hi David,
Update, all plants arrived and are in the pond, all doing great so far. This is our first ever pond so novices here but I have been very impressed by both your service and the condition in which your plants arrived.
Far superior to another company which I also ordered from, who’s plants arrived upside down and all out their pots, some rather bashed.
Thanks again for the great service and I will recommend you to others.
Tracy Munro, 12 May 2022

Hey David
Thanks so much for your reply and sound advice, much appreciated.
I do get really rather fed up when suppliers do not fully furnish us users with complete how to use facts.
Denise Marchent, 7 May 2022

Hi David
Wednesday is perfect for me - thank you.
By the way the bog garden plants I bought from you last year are coming back strongly again this year. Very impressed with the quality of plants at Puddleplants.
Best wishes
Carol Scota, 6 May 2022

Many thanks, package arrived safely and very pleased with plants.
Janet Davies, 6 May 2022

Hi Sonia,
Everything arrived in perfect order today and we have enjoyed planting up our pond.
Many thanks for your excellent service and the comprehensive instructions you provide.
Best wishes,
Louise Hashemi, 28 April 2022

My plants arrived in perfect condition, thank you. I am delighted that a couple of lice made the journey too, my new pond really needs them! Best regards Sara New, 26 April 2022. (no additional charge for lice :-)...David)

Hi The package arrived today, plants safe and sound, and already enjoying their new habitat. Thank you for the top quality service. Best regards Terry Rattigan, 15 April 2022

Thanks for getting back to me (especially on a Sunday!).  OK, I’ll give it another month and see if it gets going.
Best wishes

Hi Sonia/Puddle Plants
Back in November I ordered some plants from you, one of which was a Marsh Cinquefoil (see order below).  I’ve attached two photos – one of what it looked like on 25 November, the day after it arrived and I'd planted it out, and one taken today 10 April.  As you can see there was no sign of any growth when it arrived, but I assumed that meant it had died back for the winter.  However, there has been no sign of growth at all now we’re moving into spring weather.
The other plants I ordered from you are all doing fine, are putting on spring growth, and looking very healthy.  I assume this means the Marsh Cinquefoil was dead?  So would it be possible to provide a replacement?
Looking forward to hearing from you
Kind regards
Julia Knight, 10 April 2022
(The plant was more than likely fine as it was very early in the season and cinquefoil is a late starter -David)

Hi David,
Thanks very much for making this change, I appreciate the excellent service.
Kind regards,
Ruth Stanley, 8 April 2022

Plants received already what excellent service. Plants larger than I hoped
Thank you
Bob Jones, 8 April 2022

Hi Sonia
THANKYOU. Yes, it's here! Wonderful.
Virginia Harrison, 30 March 2022
ps And thank you for phoning. I saw a missed call. Very much appreciated.  Can't wait to put them into the pond.

Hi Sonia,
All arrived safe and sound yesterday and look good.
Planting instructions on web site are excellent so am now constructing shelves at appropriate heights.
Thanks for your brilliant service and help.
Hugh Tarrant, 30 March 2022

Hi David Just to let you know everything arrived yesterday and I manged to get them all potted and in this afternoon. Look great so far. Looking forward to seeing them grow. Many thanks again for all your help. I'll send you some pictures later in the year. Have a great summer. -Simon Allpress, 23 March 2022

That is a brilliant service Sonia, and thank you very much for your help. I will pay yhe invoice as soon at it arrives. Best regards, Wilf Morton, 21 March 2022

Beautiful plants as always.  Thank you so much. Jo Newson, 17 March 2022

Hi David,
I just wanted to say thank you for the plants which arrived last week. Beautiful healthy plants, all now potted up and settling into the new pond.
I’m sure I’ll be back for more!
Best regards
Clare Bench, 9 March 2022

Hi David
What great plants. They had all arrived in perfect shape - even the Fritillaria. They had been opened up on arrival by the team in the house and were looking very comfortable with life.
I managed to get all of them in place even though the soil depth of the bog area was somewhat less than I had planned for. The bag of Ligularia was an absolute delight with their perfectly washed  bare roots. I managed to cover around a metre of the bog so I reckon there will be a good impact in year one.
Next time, I must also order your aquatic shingle.
Please let me know when the water violet is ready for dispatch.
Thank you once more
Kind Regards -John Welsh 3 March 2022

Hi David,
Plants arrived safely just now.  They look fantastic!  And there are loads!  Very happy new ponder!.
Kind regards -Jane Cornthwaite 4 November 2021

Hi David and Sonia - just to let you know that our order arrived safely and all plants have been tucked up already in their respective pots and now sleeping soundly in their new pond - we are so looking forward to next Spring - all very exciting
Thanks again for all you did  -the email of instructions were very much appreciated 😄
-Helen Margaret  🙏 6 October 2021

Hello Puddleplants,
Thank you for my order which arrived safely yesterday.  The water soldier is superb! I had no idea that they could get that big.  It looks great in the pond. Thanks again for your advice about it.  Here is what it looks like in its new home.
image1.jpeg Excellent service again - I always recommend you when enthusing to others about making a garden pond.
Best wishes -Anne 1 October 2021

Plants arrived today as promised and how well packed they were extremely pleased with quality of both plants excellent condition and look good in pond many thanks for brilliant service thank you -Roy 15 September 2021

Delighted with the plants you sent us, all seems to be going well.
Kind regards -Selwyn Walters 13 September 2021

Hi David
The plants have all arrived safely and are in fantastic condition.  I’ve unwrapped them and put them in buckets of rainwater so hopefully they will be happy until planting on Sunday.
Baskets have arrived too and I’ll sort them tomorrow
Thank you for your help
Kind regards -Melissa 2 September 2021

Hi Sonia,
Just a quick update – everything arrived on time and was very healthy.
We managed to pot up and follow the instructions and now we have a lovely pond!
Just waiting for our first green quest…….
Kind regards  -Deborah 1 September 2021

Lovely healthy plants just arrived thank you.
Having remade pond last year planted with puddle plants
Now it’s a bog garden made from the old pond container.
The frogs won’t know which to choose
Many thanks
-Jill Smith 19 August 2021

Dear Puddleplants, I am absolutely delighted with the plants I've had from you, especially the waterlilies. So far there have been three flowers on Rene Gerard, one each on Black Princess and Nymphaea Albida and now a bud developing on Barbara Dobbins. I wasn't really expecting anything this season. You can't imagine how much pleasure they are giving us. Many thanks - Judith Greenman 23 August 2021

Hi David
Thank you for your advice and sending the revised baskets.  Looking forward to receiving my plants and planting them in my new pond.
I ordered plants from you last year for a bog area in my allotment site and was delighted with the quality of plants you supply.
Kind regards - Lynda Boyle 9 August 2021

Dear Puddleplants,
Thank you for sending the beautiful healthy plants which I received last week.  I am delighted with them, the swift accurate service, and the good advice from the very pleasant young man who took my order.
Thank you again,
Yours sincerely - Barbara Winmill 9 August 2021

Hi Sonia,
Many thanks for your reply and thanks for the kind offer of a refund, however I wasn't after that really.  Having had a good look at it, I'm hopeful that it will continue to sprout new growth from the centre, fingers crossed, at least it isn't anything I'm doing, or not doing.
Have had a couple of tiny frogs jump out from underneath the plants when I've started watering over the last week or so, which is lovely to see and I'm really happy with the other plants, they seem to be coming on in leaps and bounds.  I will coming back to you with a further order for plants in due course, to fill up the gaps and get some more height into the garden.  Thank you very much for all your help and good quality plants.
Kind regards - Fiona Costan 22 August 2021

Hi Sonia and David
We are delighted with our plants they are already in the pond. Just wanted to let you know that the oxygenating plant was included in the order so no refund required.
Kr - Karen Thomas 22 August 2021

Hi David,
This is only small fry I know, but just a word of thanks from a novice for your help, advice, enthusiasm and service over the last eight months!
It's only very small and probably not very interesting, but thought you may at least like to see a Before (December '20) and After (August '21) photo  of my 8 month old puddle with your flourishing plants in!
Many thanks.
Kind Regards - Richard Neall 18 August 2021

Hi David
I just wanted to say how refreshing it was to have such great plants delivered....the two or three times I’ve ordered online I was very disappointed...
Your plants all look a good size and robust and healthy
Thanks... I’m enjoying putting them in ... I’ve left the wwoofiers doing the rush pulling and kept the planting for myself...😉😂... such a lovely job .... Paddling planting 🤸🏿‍♀️
Thanks - Becky Wildman 13 August 2021
Do you have a review place .... I could put one 🥀.

Hi Sonia,
I just wanted to get in touch to say how impressed I am with the plants provided by your nursery. I built this pond last September and planted a selection of native plants bought from you - they went in around Halloween and I wondered if they’d survive the really harsh winter (-12!) we had up here in Scotland.
Every single plant has survived and I can’t believe how mature the pond looks already!
Please feel free to use words/images as a testimonial if desired. I’m recommending your company on my social media whenever wildlife ponds are discussed - Sammie Wilson 11 August 2021

Hi Sonia, I purchased plants for a barrel pond in May. The advise you gave on suitable plants and numbers was perfect - I have been so pleased with it -Julie Armstrong 9 August 2021

Thanks David
Very pleased with the plants, thought they would be tiny as in 9cm pots but they were just the right size.
Regards - Steve Lowther 22 July 2021

Was looking for somewhere to leave a review, but just wanted to say, we bought a number of plants from you earlier in the year ( and some from elsewhere) and yours were the most healthy and well packaged. They have done extremely well, we already have toads in the pond!!!! Wildlife is thriving and we hope for newts next year! Thank you - Sue & Mal 16 July 2021

Hello David,
Plants arrived safely and are in tip top condition! Thank you very much.
Kindest regards - Rosemary Williams 15 July 2021

Dear Puddle Plant people,
Package arrived just now. BEAUTIFUL PLANTS. Put them in water pond right away. So happy.
Job well done! I will be back!!  Best - Susan DeMesquita 13 July 2021

Hi David We filled our new pond with your plants in late February. Now look at it! No one can believe how well established it has become in just a few months. Many hundreds of baby frogs are now everywhere in the garden. And the pond is teeming with insects and molluscs. I wish they would eat the duckweed! I hope you are having a good summer at Puddleplants. Best wishes - Wendy Phillips 10 July 2021

Hi there
This year we put in our wildlife pond and bought the native collection from you. All is doing well and our Lily is just opening 2 flowers.
A question. Some of our marginal seem very pot bound and the roots completely cover the pot and spread out in the water. Is this Ok? Do we wait till spring for repotting?  We can't have a taller pot as marginal shelf is not deep enough.
Thank you.  Regards - Bobbie Stormont 10 July 2021

Thank you Sonia,
The delivery arrived this morning, so we have everything.  Perfect!
Thanks again for your great service.  Regards - Emily Harris 7 July 2021

Sonia could you please pass on this message to David .I have now finish building my Bog Garden using your plants and your helpful advice,and I am very pleased 😀 with the results.Keep up with your good work.regards John

Hello Sonia, Just a quick note to say we are very impressed with the plants we ordered and received (at the end of May).  Only the Water Hawthorn had not had the best of journeys, but I followed your instructions and gradually acclimatised it to its final water depth and it recovered wonderfully, soon producing 5 flowers.  The rest seemed to take off swiftly after just a few days and we are currently seeing the Flowering Rush coming into bloom and a water lily bud has just reached the surface.  All the plants have transformed the pond from just an uninspiring area of water, and we are now waiting/hoping for frogs to arrive. Regards -Anne Strachan 6 July 2021

Hi Sonia
I just wanted to say a big thank you. My plants arrived Friday morning in perfect condition. Thank you for taking such great care in the cultivation  and packing of them. Great to have the advice on potting and positioning them too, as I am a pond novice!
They are settling in nicely.
Thanks again.
Kind regards - Rosemary McDonald 4 July 2021

Hi David,
I'm sorry I had to hurry you off the phone. I was interviewing.
The plants are fantastic and of v good quality. Thanks for being honest. I was wise to take your advice - the soft plant is a lovely option.
Thanks very much for following up.  Alice Devitt -1 July 2021

Thank you – all arrived safely and now planted out.  And can I say how much a personalised e-mail such as yours below is appreciated.  I shall buy from you again.  Many thanks - George Branchflower 26 June 2021

Dear David,
The plants have arrived safely today as promised. Thank you very much for your careful attention to the packaging and obvious expertise in rearing these wonderful plants, they all look great. We spent the afternoon planting and got them all in.
 - Alex and Ashley Dalleywater 25 June 2021

Thank you my plants have arrived ! They look so healthy, am really impressed . Can’t wait to put them in my barrel pond .
Kind Regards - Pauline Hupfield 25 June 2021

Hi Sonia
Thanks very much.  The plants have been safely received and look great now they have been planted up and are in situ.
Many thanks - Clare Cheeseman 24 June 2021

Thanks for the plants, they were all healthy and are happily floating on pond, the bog plants are in the bog and I am hopeful for their growth. I will be needing more plants soon as my island island needs a companion!  - Gabrielle Morgan 19 June 2021

Hi Sonia I received my plants yesterday and I have to say everything was lovely. All beautifully healthy and vibrant. They are now in the pond and hopefully in the weeks to come they will look even better. The pond is a bit murky as a result of my efforts but have put some Pondclear in to clear it. Thank you again!! - Brian Docherty 19 June 2021

Last month I bought some of your wildlife pond collections, and as I'm a newbie to ponds and have no idea what I'm doing, I also ordered the baskets that go with the collections, to ensure I used the correct size.
The plants appear to be thriving, so much so that the roots of a lot are extending out the bottom and sides of the baskets by a foot. Is this normal? Should I do anything? They can't need re-potting already surely? It's making the baskets very unstable on the pond shelf, but we can come up with something creative to wedge to baskets if this is normal.
Thanks in advance for any advice. Kind regards - Sarah Malbon 18 June 2021

Hi David
Thank you very much, and thank you for the plants which are great quality. Planted them this morning and especially love the astilbe
Will recommend your site
Best wishes  -Marie Sowter 18 June 2021

Thank you so much for my plants.  They were packed superbly and arrived unharmed.  Now to read your web notes and give them  "swimming lessons" tomorrow !
Regards - Malcolm E Yull  17 June 2021

Dear David,
The plants etc arrived safely and are all now happily in the pond, following your good advice.
Thank you so much for the extra things you sent; we are delighted at the quality of the plants which we received from you;  and the careful packing.
I am impressed that you put the quality of the plants you despatch over posting out anything just to complete an order quickly.  I have used a number of mail order nurseries in the last couple of years and not all have dealt with issues so positively.  Should I need anything else for our pond I will certainly be coming back to you and would happily recommend you to others.
Best wishes - Caroline Jenks 17 June 2021

All arrived safely, the courier did as asked and left em for us.
All planted out and in pond, I may need to tweak final positions but hey they are in!
Have loads of damselflies laying eggs and have had the Broad Bodied Chasers mating and laying eggs in the pond too.  I know they aren’t particularly rare species or anything but i am super excited to have them using the habitat.
in addition have froglets a plenty and two newts have moved in too.  Plus an abundance of diving beetle things and pond skaters and other bugs that i havent a clue what they are but they are more than welcome in there!
All in it seems to be working really well already and i thank you wholeheartedly for helping cos without your knowledge and approach it would just be a deep puddle 😉
Tim Bishop - 16 June 2021

Morning Sonia,
I promised you some pictures of my pond as it becomes established. So here goes.
Sits really well in my wild life area.  So thanks very much for your support last year.
Regards - Gordon Robinson 16 June 2021

Thank you David.
The plants arrived in perfect condition, early the next morning. I've planted/positioned them all and I'm very pleased. You were also very generous with baskets and sizes of plugs/plants. I recommend you whenever I get the opportunity!
All the best -Ben Aldiss 7 June 2021

Hi Sonia
Pic as promised.  We are so pleased with it.   Thanks so much for all your help and advice!
Best wishes - Liz Sinden 11 June 2021

Hi Sonia … I got my plants from you at the end of April and I just thought you might like to see what my little container pond looks like now. I’m absolutely delighted with it – it’s brought me such joy watching it develop. Thanks. Colette turner 8 June 2021

Just a note to say that my plants arrived safely this morning.  I want to thank you so much.  The condition and quality of the plants, the size of the plants and the way they were packed made it a more than satisfactory purchase.  I will certainly look forward to ordering from you again and would recommend you to my pond keeping friends!  I am just delighted!
With many thanks to all at Puddleplants - Sheila Blair 3 June 2021

Hi Sonia
Please ignore the last email.
Plants have just this minute arrived, they look great!
Many thanks
Pauline Chapman -2 June 2021

Just a quick email to say everything has arrived and all looks good. Now to get planting. Thanks for your help!
James McQuiggan -2 June 2021

Dear Sonia, I’ve been meaning to drop you a line to say how well my pond is doing, and how healthy the plants I bought from you are looking. The purple loosestrife, the devil’s tail, the hornwort and the water plantain are all looking pretty well established now and really healthy. Very early on there was quite a growth of green algae on the pond surface, but I skimmed most of it off, and since the rains started, there has been no sign of the algae at all. A friend gave me a little floating solar-powered water feature, which I guess helps keep the water moving, which must help a bit. So thank you again for the plants, and best wishes - John Hook 21 May 2021

I am very pleased with the Ragged Robin plants delivered recently. All successfully planted and many in flower already. Thank you.
Stan Metcalfe -20 May 2021

I received the order yesterday, I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the quality of your service and the great quality of the plants.  Very impressed.  Best Regards -Adrian Matthews 20 May 2021

Hi Sonia,
Plants were received today in a healthy condition, thank you.  Also, thank you for taking the time to send the email below - it is very helpful!
Best wishes -Steph Yates 19 May 2021

Hi Sonia
Just wanted to say how happy I am with the pond plant selection.  They are doing really well.  I could never have worked out what plants to order otherwise.  I'm so pleased with the quality of them.
Many thanks -Helen Topley 15 May 2021

Hi Sonia The plants arrived superbly packed in great condition and the instructions were greatly appreciated.  Once the Hornwort has done its stuff and cleared the murky water, I'll send you a pic. Thanks again -Liz Sinden 15 May 2021

Thank you Sonia, they arrived today. Such great quality plants. I’m off tomorrow so I’ll be planting those up tomorrow. Unpacked them and put them in water for now. 👍🏻 -Carl De Groot 12 May 2021

Yes they have arrived thanks.  Great service!  I am looking forward to planting and so are my ducks! ( I will net the plants off for a while )
Regards -Tony Simpson 7 May 2021

Dear David
I have almost completed the task of positioning my new pond plants.  I wanted to send you a quick note to say how impressed I have been with the service and quality of the plants.   I often order garden plants on line and am frequently underwhelmed by the quality of the plants and the way they are packaged and transported.   By contrast your plants all looked healthy and substantial and were all obviously packed with great care.
I have also greatly appreciated the impressive planting and care advice.   I would never consider buying pond plants from anyone else and my greatest concern now is that my pond will provide a sufficiently good home for the high quality plants you have provided me with.
Best wishes -Anne Tutt 29 April 2021

Thanks Sonia
I received all yesterday. Brilliant -Eric Kipperman 28 April 2021

Thanks Sonia
These instructions were really useful. The plants are now all in the pond and doing well, and they seem to be a big hit with the tadpoles -Graham Stanbridge 26 April 2021

Just to let you know the plants arrived today. All absolutely beautiful specimens and I've enjoyed planting them up!
Many thanks -Alison Cross 15 April 2021

Hi Just wanted to drop you a note to say that my order was just delivered.  I am so impressed with your service - thank you.  The packaging was outstanding and the plants look really good quality.
Outstanding service and we look forward to purchasing from you again in the future.
Many thanks -Liz Maloney 7 April 2021

Many thanks. Received yesterday. Expertly packed and looking very healthy. Looking forward to putting these in today with your comments in mind. Will be recommending you all my wildlife circle -Tony Gale 9 April 2021

Dear Sonia Thank you for my plants. Having ordered many plants from many different suppliers over the years yours were the best packed and and the most healthy/good condition I have ever received.  My container bog garden is now planted and  5 days on the plants all seem to be happy. I really appreciated your website - full of helpful authoritative information. Thank you -Melanie Unwin 2 April 2021

Thank you Sonia .... David called me to say it was due today and it arrived late this afternoon.Fabulous service from you guys and I am looking forward to planting them tomorrow. Many thanks -Karen Cull 31 March 2011

Hi David, 
The plants have just arrived - fantastically wrapped - and are fantastic.  The kids will be so excited to see them once they’re home from school. 
Thanks again -Daisy Cowan 26 March 2021

Thank you David, I have now received the delivery and planted them up, and have put them in my little pond. There was more than enough soil and thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and expertise. I shall await their growth and will enjoy them later in the year. Of course, if there is anything else I need for my pond I will be happy to use Puddleplants again.
Many thanks -Ruth Tyrie 23 March 2021

I ordered my plants Sunday night and received them properly boxed the right way up Wednesday morning. The plants look well cared for and are exactly what I expected- unlike some plant deliveries I’ve had in the past. I’d totally recommend using puddle plants and will use again if I have the need. Thank you so much for the service -Wendy King 24 February 2021

Good afternoon, My order arrived this morning and the plants are now in the pond. MANY thanks for your patience, advice and excellent service. All the best  -Marc rees jones 2 February 2021

Hi David Just to say thank you for the lovely plants, and especially for the guidance and the very helpful planting instructions. As you know, aquatic gardening is completely new to us! All the plants arrived in very good condition, and we took care of them until the pond thawed out. They are all now in the pond and looking very promising. We have been really happy with the service you offer. I will be in touch again soon, to order some more wildflower plants for the areas near the pond. Thank you again  -Wendy Phillips 22 January 2021

Hi Sonia,
Thank you for taking the time to e.mail about the Pickerel Plant and sending an alternative. It has arrived safely today, with the other things, well packaged and in fine condition. Thank you - am very impressed with the service, delivery and plants etc! Looking forward to seeing them grow and bring more wildlife to our pond.
Best wishes - Hilary Fisher 21 January 2021

Whoop!! The parcels have just arrived! Thank you for your really helpful email. It’s made me feel more confident about getting these babies safely into their cots and into the pond. Fingers crossed 🤞. I’m very glad my friend recommended you - her name is Janice Harris (I think), from Leamington Spa, which is the next town. She has a USA accent - maybe you remember her.
I’ll let you know how we get on with the planting up.
Many thanks - Wendy Phillips 22 January 2021

Hi David, Thanks for your email and confirmation of refund, it is appreciated given the circumstances.  Fingers crossed it will be good news regarding them later in the year.  The box was partially flattened and looked either squashed or trod on at some point
Thanks - Adam Gregory 14 January 2021

Hi puddle plants, 26453
Order arrived earlier and as is my work address was taken in by a colleague and left for me. I'm really really disappointed in the quality of plants and way they've arrived. I think it's not puddle plants fault and is the delivery company but given how much I've paid for them and the delivery I'm really really disheartened. They are all squashed, sad looking and not at all what I'd have hoped from such a quality supplier.
Please let me know how to get about requesting a full refund
Thank you  - Adam Gregory 12 January 2021

Thanks David I will definitely use puddle plants in the future. Your customer care is second to none. Claire Hollingsworth - 5 January 2021

Hi David, Great news! These finally arrived and they still look healthy. Thank you again and wishing you a safe and happy Christmas. Best, Warwick - 24 December 2020

Hi Sonia, The plants arrived yesterday and look great (the box had taken a bit of a battering in transit and had been re-taped by the depot but there was little to no damage to the plants themselves). Can't wait to see them flourish! Thanks again, Jessica Ritchie - 25 November 2020

The order was received at lunchtime today, and in good order. All the plants are already in the pond, and appear of very good quality. We're now looking forward to them coming into growth from next Spring, and hopefully some flowers as well. Best wishes, Paul Baker - 18 November 2020

Hi Sonia, Thanks for the further advice. Impressed with the dedication 'working late on a Saturday evening'. I've taken your advice and modified the list. Order just placed online. Looking forward to receiving the plants. Once again thank you for your guidance. Regards, Geoff Hunter - 31 October 2020

Hi Dave, Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the plants that arrived safely yesterday and are now happily planted in and by our pond. Thanks for all your help with our order. All the best. Anna Browne - 28 October 2020

Hi David, Just to say thank you very much for my order, which I received today. I know you work in accounts but please can you pass my thanks on to your teams. The plants were in great condition and very well packed to arrive safely. very impressed with your professional service too! With thanks and best wishes Claire Wootton-Wooley - 22 October 2020

Reply from Puddle Plants
I work in accounts, customer service, logistics, supply chain management and the nursery, Sonia is my 'team' 😊

Hi David, We finished the pond yesterday. Thank you so much for all your help. We'll be back in touch for the next one. Many thanks, Magdalena Bainbridge-Smith - 17 October 2020

The plants arrived satisfactory in good condition and look very healthy thanks very much. Roger Palmer - 7 October 2020

Thank you the plants arrived this morning. In perfect condition. Planted them straight away. With regards, Chris Fereday - 7 October 2020

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for my plants. Lovely variety and really good quality, strong and healthy plants -very impressed. Getting all the kit together was really useful as well. Many thanks, Penny Lee - 6 October 2020

Thank you for my recently delivered order. The plants were well packaged and very healthy specimens. I had recently completely cleared the small pond in my garden of 30 years of neglect and didn’t want to leave it naked until the Spring. Even this late in the season you had a good selection of plants, will be getting more next year. Adrienne Atkinson - 3 October 2020

I should have done this yesterday. I am very grateful. I have the feeling you love your plants. I preserved the shoot on the reedmace. They were all in their new home yesterday. Stuart - 2 October 2020

Arrived today. Lovely plants and so fast coming. Thank you, Bridget Ward - 1 October 2020

Thank you for taking the time to call and check on delivery of our order. We have received everything. For some reason one of the boxes arrived separately a day later but everything arrived safe and sound. Delighted with the plants and the pond socks are marvelous, much better than pots. Thank you. Christine Barve - 1 October 2020

Thank you for the lovely plants I ordered. They arrived in perfect condition and are thriving in my garden. When it's been hot just made sure to keep their roots wet. now Autumn is hare won't have to worry about that. They have doubled their size since planting. Quality plants and quality service. Thank you. Christine Fereday - 24 September 2020

Just unpacked. I am a very happy lady 🙂 Rachel Kemp - 24 September 2020

Thanks David, Great, now I have a plan! Will wait til spring so I can give everything the best start and have time to research alternatives to plastic baskets if possible to find. Looking into some floating planters someone has told me about too. Will be back to you with my order next year definitely and happy to recommend your company to anyone. Sara - 23 September 2020

Hi Sonia, Thank you so much for your advice which is very helpful. I have ordered Attraction and very much looking forward to seeing it in the pond. Kind regards, Sharon Pearle - 19 September 2020

Hi David, Plants arrived safe and sound at 10am this morning. Well packed and healthy. Thanks, Stephen Wilson - 15 September 2020

Hi David, Thank you so much for your telephone call and expertise, it is much appreciated. The plants arrived yesterday around noon, less than 24 hours from your call, we were very impressed! The plants are just superb, they were excellently packed and sustained no damage during transit, which I think is pretty remarkable. We planted them up immediately, using the very useful plant tag cribs, so we got their levels in correctly and are very pleased with the result. I'd say your customer service is second to none, thanks again, Best wishes, Val Lowton - 10 September 2020

Hello Puddleplants, thank you for the healthy plants I received today. Pauline Barber - 9 September 2020

Hi - Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with my order. The plants arrived today and appear to be in perfect condition and I was pleased to see a flower bud on the water lily so I will soon have a taste of things to come next year. I only have a 60cm pond and these plants look perfect in it already. I will definitely recommend your company if I hear of anyone wanting to buy pond plants. Thank you and kind regards. Jill - 9 September 2020

Many thanks Sonia. Plants arrived safe and sound and look good in their new home. Looking forward to adding more at a later date. Brian Hicks - 8 September 2020

Sonia, I was absolutely thrilled with everything to do with this order. Everything was well packaged, clearly labelled, delivered when it said it would be and the whole process was easy throughout. I will definitely be using you again and will recommend Puddleplants to everyone, thank you so much, regards Rob Janus - 6 September 2020

Many thanks for my plants delivered today (exactly as you said they would be). Excellent quality, bigger than expected and extremely carefully packaged. I would also like to say a thank you for your level of customer service. My hubby Rod phoned to say we had difficulty in accessing the site on our iPhones. This issue had been resolved though what impressed me most was hubby receiving a call at 8pm the same day to find out what the issue was. This level of customer service swayed me so much, I chose to order from Puddleplants rather than an alternative site. I had only expected a brief email. Great service. Many thanks, Mel Luxton - 3 September 2020

Hi David, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say the plants arrived in great condition. We've planted them and they seem to be flourishing. We really couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again for the expert advice and friendly service. Wish all companies were like yours! All the best, Claire Hoult - 1 September 2020

Thank you so much for the pond plants which have now arrived and look great. Mary Murdoch - 28 August 2020

Hello, Just to say all the plants arrived in excellent condition yesterday. The careful packing and packaging worked perfectly. Many thanks, Best regards, Ann Barker - 27 August 2020

Hi David, I have opened the boxes and am delighted with the contents -just a little miffed with the carrier. Regards, Irene McMahon - 27 August 2020

Hi Sonia, Many thanks for your email. I can confirm the plants arrived last Thursday and are now enjoying life in my little pond. They are looking great! Kind regards, Sue Coathup - 26 August 2020

Dear David, First, the plants you sent for our Equine Pond -made out of our defunct (doughnut) equine swimming pool - have been a great success. Thank you and Sonia so much for your help. For your info I am attaching a photo. Best, Toby Greenbury - 25 August 2020

Thanks Sonia for your help and advice. The plants I got from you are looking healthy and spreading nicely. Hope to get frogs and newts next year. Rosalind Leivesley - 23 August 2020

Hello, Just to let you know my order has arrived and I am delighted with it, all plants good and healthy and now in the pond. Thank you so much I will definitely order from you again and also recommend. With kind regards, Dawn Kane - 21 August 2020

Hello David and Sonia, I'm absolutely blown away by the quality of these plants. The root systems are superb and in the case of the Hard Rush I cut the transportation pot apart to remove and retain as much of the roots as possible. I used the compost that arrived today, the new pots and the gravel you sent, so getting the two new plants into the pond straight away to accompany the Marsh Marigold that has established very well and recently flowered again, I'm delighted. I'm glad that I asked you to supply the gravel this time as there is a noticeable difference compared to the stuff I'd bought and previously used; yours is finer; and there was no cloudiness whatsoever when I carefully lowered the pots into the pond. I also placed the Forget-me-not a bit higher in the pond as you suggested David, so thanks for the advice. I'm soaked from working in the rain but know it was worth it. Thanks again, Warmest wishes, Laura Wilde - 21 August 2020

I wanted to send you a puddle pond update! I didn't expect any flowers this year, especially as my pond was only set up 2 weeks ago, but I have had so many! So pleased 🙂 Paula Downing - 19 August 2020

WONDERFUL! This is all so very kind of you, thank you so much. She'll be made up - she's already chuffed at the dragonflies and other insects that have started colonising the new pond -this will transform it! If you ever need anything by way of quotes or whatever for your website, do let me know -you have a very happy customer! Take care, Rob Jones - 19 August 2020

Hi, Have been meaning to email you with regard to some plants I received a fair while back. So impressed with the care that was taken to package them and the quality of the actual plants, so a big belated thank you and I will definitely be back to you when I get my backside in gear to sort a planned wildlife pond out. Keep safe and hope you all get a chance for a well earned cuppa and biscuits! Best wishes, Debs - 17 August 2020

Hi Sonia and David, Can report the plants arrived safely yesterday. We are really pleased with them, thank you so much for your help and advice. Just finished potting them up and planting in the pond. A photo is attached to show how the pond looks at the moment. Still a work in progress but we are getting there. Kind regards, John Ramsay - 15 August 2020

Dear Sonia, I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to write, thank you so much for our beautiful plants. We only planted them tonight but they look absolutely fantastic in our little pond! They look so healthy and we're thrilled with the two little buds on the lily and can't wait for them to open. I've enclosed a picture for you to see. Thank you again. Take care, Llinos Anwen - 14 August 2020

Thanks for the advice. Package has just been delivered and the plants are looking fresh and very healthy - thank you! Very excited to get them planted! Debbie - 13 August 2020

Just thought I'd give a bit of positive feedback a few months on. The native pond collection has really worked well and the pond looks superb. So thanks again, and I'll certainly recommend your business in future. Best wishes, Conrad Watkins - 12 August 2020

Just a quick email to say my plants arrived on time and in fantastic condition. Really impressed with the way everything was packaged. All are now in the pond and it looks great. Thank you very much for the care that has clearly been taken with these plants. My only problem is you've left me with no excuses, if they don't survive! Kind regards, Steve Parry - 11 August 2020

I thought you might like to see the first flower on the waterlilly planted in just 30cm of water. Fingers crossed that it goes from strength to strength over the coming seasons. Thanks once again for all your advice and support. Kind regards, Ann Stevenson - 8 August 2020

Hi David, I totally understand, you can't always guarantee what a seed will grow into. I will try to get some next season possibly. Thank you for the great customer service. I look forward to getting the plants in the pond. Thank you, Sue McKeever - 8 August 2020

Hi David, Perfect, many thanks. The plants you sent were lovely and look great - we will be ordering again! Kind regards, Jeremy Brettell - 6 August 2020

Plants arrived thank you and are perfect. Thank you very much once again. Kind regards, Paul - 6 August 2020

All plants received safely Sonia. Thank you to you and David for all your help. Best wishes, Rachel Brant - 6 August 2020

Hi David and Sonia, I have no white Pontederia at the moment but some plants not in flower yet so I might be lucky! No need to refund as the dragonflies are happy to use blue. Everything growing nicely, however, might have to top up pond from rain water tank as the wind and sun are taking the water levels down. Kind regards, Cheryl Hunt - 5 August 2020

Hi David, Just to say that the plants arrived in excellent order today - really nice specimens and the added bonus of one flower and numerous buds! Thank you. Di - 6 June 2019  

another order from you and yet again great quality plants - delivered looking fresh and in great condition and the timed delivery Thanks. Lyn McLay Kidd - 27 June 2019

My order arrived beautifully packed a couple of days ago. The plants are superb and already looking great in my pond. Thank you so much for the great service and truly outstanding product.. Mel Foster - 28 June 2019

Order has been received this morning. Thank you for your prompt replies and prompt delivery excellent service Jackie Heap - 3 July 2019

Hi Sonia, Boxes came a bit battered but the plants are fabulous .Planted them tonight. A great business i wish you every success. Best regards Rob - 18 July 2019

Hi David, Thanks for sorting this out for me. The plants arrived today. They were really well packaged and in excellent condition despite the hit weather. I look forward to enjoying them thanks to the clear instructions - and trying to convince my husband they've always been there! Much appreciated! Jo - 24 July 2019

Just received the plants I ordered and wanted to let you know how impressed I am. They were obviously packaged with a lot of care, and arrived in perfect condition. Each plant is very obviously healthy and thriving, and will shortly have pride of place in and around my pond. Thank you Pascal Jordan - 24 July 2019

Wow, Received today! Brilliant service, thanks so much. Natalie 25 July 2019

Received the plants today, they look lovely and just what I needed. Thanks for all your help. Regards Rie - 30 July 2019

I would just like to say how pleased I was with the way the plants had been packed and protected, all arrived safely without any damage. Great selection of wildlife plants which are now planted up in my new wildlife pond. Thanks Robin - 31 July 2019

Thanks everything arrived and everything planted!! Phew! The lady is so pleased. Please take the £37.77 from my card or do I need to call you to do this? If so it will have to be tomorrow if that’s ok? In meantime thanks for all the help and all the plants/materials were spot on-good dealing with you-sure you’ll hear from us again soon, Cheers Jane - 2 August 2019

Dear Sonia We received our order this morning - all the plants were in 'tip top'condition and all have now been duly consigned to the depths! Thank you so much for all the advice and help - which I have followed to the best of my ability and skill!! Best wishes Adrian - 6 August 2019

Hi David, Many thanks for your kind gesture - simply refunding the postage/carriage charge would have been sufficient - but I salute your 'customer care/service' ethos!! Both of the large emerging flower buds did (unsurprisingly) die off before reaching the surface to mature - however a 3rd bud is starting to appear at the crown and 2 new leaves have also started to grow (yet to break surface) - so it looks as if things will be OK even after its rather inauspicious start in life! Once again this 'unfortunate event' was brought to your attention for no other reason than drawing your attention to a (apparently) rather uncaring courier firm - that you may want to look more closely at if they want your continued business; even if this is out of control once you have entrusted the plants to them! These events have not sullied my opinion of your company in any way - the quality of your plants is exceptional, compared to other aquatic plant companies that I have previously done business with - and there are many! Consequently we will definitely be doing business again in the future. Kind regards Mark - 9 August 2019

Hi David, Delivery arrived today, very happy with the quality of plants and communications from yourselves. Thank you very much! Many thanks, Ellie (National Trust) - 21 August 2019

Hi Sonia, Happy to go with whatever you recommend so long as is native. And as colourful as possible and good for frogs/newts! I do quite like water violet. What do I do with the previous order ? Do you just amend it and charge me /refund difference , or do you refund the whole thing and I start again? Thank you so much, what incredible service. Chris - 22 August 2019

Thanks Sonia for your help and advice. The plants I got from you are looking healthy and spreading nicely. Hope to get frogs and newts next year. Rosalind - 23 August 2019

Hi there, the two Greater Spearworts in my order are very unhealthy and look like they have a disease. They are virtually dead. New growth is trying to emerge but seems to discolour and rot very fast and they don't look like they can keep going much longer. The rest of the plants are thriving and I'm really happy with them but these never did, so I am guessing it isn't something in my pond. Please could you advise whether you can send replacements/refund, etc? Thank you very much. Sarah - 27 August 2019

Hi David Thank you for the advice on the spearwort, which I’ll try and hope that it will be OK next year. I appreciate you refunding the cost too. Many thanks for a quick and helpful response. Kind regards Sarah - 28 August 2019

Hi, Just wanted to thank you for the plants they were well packaged and in excellent order. Ordinarily I would use an online wholesaler for larger ponds. As I can justify buying multiple plants of the same variety but have struggled to find an online company that I am happy with for the smaller ponds. So I hope to be able to use you in the future. Kind regards, James Donnelly Ponds4Wildlife - 12 September 2019

Just unpacked. I am very very happy lady 🙂 Rachel - 24 September 2019

Delivered and planted! New pond up and running (and a frog has already moved in). Many thanks. Lisa - 3 October 2019

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for my plants. Lovely variety and really good quality, strong and healthy plants- very impressed. Getting all the kit together was really useful as well. Many thanks Penny - 6 October 2019

Hi David, That’s great, thank you again for all the help and advice. I will send you some before and after photos once planted and again next spring! Best regards, Hannah - 7 October 2019

Thankyou - all arrived looking very healthy, and now in pond. Till next time, Marjorie - 10 November 2017

Hi Sonia All arrived safely thank you .. looks a damn sight healthier than the marsh marigold! [Editors note: Marsh marigold not supplied by us!] I've replanted that right next to the woodpile in case it does grow .. both cowslips at the side and the forgetmenot in the corner next to the frog house .. all i need now is a frog or newt ... do you sell those 🙂 updated pic attached thanks for your help Charlie - 10 November 2017

Hi there, Just a quick thank you for the beautiful aquatic plants which arrived last Friday. They were all packed so well and survived their journey intact. The quality of the plants is superb and I'm very much looking forward to making the pond with the group. Unfortunately Storm Ophelia put paid to outdoor work this week, but next Monday we are planning to get them into the pond. In the meantime they are all being stored in buckets in my greenhouse. Thanks Natalie - 18 October 2017

Our order has arrived on time, as promised by the carrier. The packaging is in excellent condition and the plants themselves look good. Paul - 10 October 2017

Dear Sonia Thank youfor supplying such lovely pond plants to the Wildlife Trust pop-up garden! They looked great and hopefully inspired lots of people. Rose - 30 September 2017

Dear David Order happily received and plants installed. Vanity has me adding a photo of the result. Have pointed out there is plenty of room on the marginal shelves but the retirement budget holder has responded with one of her occasional silences. So more next year. Meanwhile we are thrilled. Thank you again for all your help . Regards . Keith - 7 September 2017

Hi Plants arrived and all look fab. Thanks Lyn Landscape Officer/Architect - 5 September 2017
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