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Dear David,
Thanks for your email. I was not able to track the delivery, but a man in a car delivered the plants at about 1030 am.
We are delighted with them & I have planted them today. They were well packed & hopefully will grow in our new small pond.
With many thanks,
 Victoria Bradley 15 March 2024

Sonia,just wanted to say my order arrived today and it was beautifully packaged and therefore safe and secure. Thank you so much for the care you took. I'm not able to plant my lily yet so I wanted to check how to take care of it till I'm ready. I've put it outside in it's plastic bag as delivered. Should I open the bag to let it breathe? It's close to the cottage so safe from frost. Alternatively would you suggest I put it in a bucket of water till I'm ready to plant it in my wildlife pond?  Any pointers gratefully received. Thank you again. Liz W, 27 February 2024.

Excellent service and plants. Arrived safely due to good careful packing and for once careful courier ! Thanks Tony Priestley. 28 February 2024 

Hi Sonia,My order arrived in good order. The instructions were easy to understand, and we have placed the plants, as described, into our new wildlife pond.Thank you for not only selling plants, but the instructions and kind emails.Fondest regards,Paul Comerford, 18 February 2024

Good afternoon Sonia, Delivery was completed this morning, thank you. The plants look well-rooted and healthy.
Best wishes,
Peter Walsh, 11 January 2024

Just to say a 'thank you' for sending the plants so promptly. Very pleased with them and will certainly be looking to buy from you again. Cheered up this freezing cold day.
Very Best Wishes
Carole Buchanan, 1 December 2023.

Hi Dave,
Everything arrived safely and I have planted them all out today in the sunshine.
Perfectly labelled and packaged
Kind regards,
Dave Brown 15 November 2023.

I'd just like to thank you very much for processing my order so quickly. The plants are great, I'll be placing another order in the spring.  I've put a post recommending Puddleplants on the wildlife ponds Facebook group.
Many thanks
Corinne Calligan, Wild Rose Gardening, 28 October 2023

Plants first class, excellent packaging thanks so much, will enjoy, Tom, 11 October 2023

Hi I just wanted to get in touch and say how grateful I am for the service you provide, the plants arrived in perfect condition, really healthy. It was obvious when unpacking the order how much time and consideration had gone into it and the courier was quick and efficient.Thank you so much my pond is looking amazing and the wildlife are enjoying it too! Kate Vogiatzis, 17 September 2023

Hi Dave we are really happy with everything thanks much for all your lovely plants.Steve Coope, 16 September 2023

Thanks David all arrived safely this afternoon.
I just wanted to say thanks for all your help and how pleased I am with the quality of the plants received and that they hadn't been cut back as a couple had that I ordered from elsewhere had been (I couldn't order them from you as you didn't have them available and I particularly wanted them!).  I pride myself on providing excellent quality plants to my clients and I wanted to ensure that the pond looks as full as it can given we are now heading towards autumn.  Thankfully having unpacked your plants I feel confident it will now do so which should hopefully mean one satisfied client as I know they are keen to see the pond planted up.
I certainly wouldn't hesitate to buy from you again or to recommend you.
Thanks again.
Cathy Hawes, 1 September 2023

Hi David,
Thank you for your advice and choice of lily Xiafei.  It has made itself at home in our friends pond and is flowering already.  They are delighted and it will give pleasure for many weeks to come. Pic attached. Fabulous yellow centre and colour.  
Thank you again,
Julia Kostiw, 4 September 2023

Hi David,
The plants arrived today….all in good condition and have now been planted.
The grand plan is to see which species flourish best in our conditions then get more of those next year.
Great customer service!
Thank you
Erica , 2 September 2023

"Fantastic service & plants":  Great service and lots of advice from beginning to end. We had a grant with a very short time frame and a large site. David advised us what plants were best in which area & how many we needed. They all arrived on time, well packaged, clearly labelled and of exceptional quality. All have thrived despite the challenges of this year’s drought and late frosts.Rainbow F (Trustpilot review 30 August 2023)

"Excellent experience":  I ordered some plants from Puddleplants after having a bad experience with another company in which the plants had arrived dead/sick, so I was really hesitant in ordering plants online. So what was great about them? The plants were extremely well packed, in a box strong with dividers for extra reinforcement. The packaging was environmentally friendly (apart from the necessary plastic bags). The packaging was labelled clearly to avoid being transported upside down and to show that the goods needed to arrive that day. A courier was used that transported them the next day and on time. Lastly, communication was easy, positive, and excellent; Puddleplants is a well organised and friendly company selling good quality plants. Would use them again.Sarah Moynihan (Trustpilot review 25 August 2023)

"Excellent Customer Service" :All plants arrived on time as promised, carefully packaged and all healthy. Brilliant informative website which helped me chose the best plants for the site. One omission was rectified immediately and arrived the next day. Very satisfied customer. Mrs Hayman (Trustpilot review 4 August 2023)

Hallo David,
Very many thanks to you and to Puddleplants for taking so much trouble to guide a first timer through a dauntingly specialist business.
The whole long and varied order came present and correct and really cleverly packaged for protection. [... and a real blessing was to be able to see through each polythene bag and read printed planting advice on each label].
Everybody's now in the pond, including at least two snails, so I'll send you a family photo once they've all settled into place!
Best regards,
Nicolas and Lydia, 28 July 2023

Hi David
I hope you are well.
Thank you for the plants, they are of an excellent standard and will look fantastic when planted next week.
Kind regards
Charles Terrington, The Garden Planning & Design Co, 21 July 2023

Good morning Sonia, Just wanted to say the bog garden plants arrived safely yesterday. As with the pond plants I purchased last year, they arrived in superb condition and very quickly. Very many thanks again. Now off to dig a hole! Very best wishes, Alyson Corkish, 20 July 2023

Hi Sonia, 
Everything is lovely 
Thank you for your support and guidance and excellent support 
Best wishes 
Shona, 13 July 2023

Dear Sonia & David, Thank you very much for all your help and advice re re-planting our pond. The plants arrived safely yesterday in excellent condition . APC delivery person was very helpful in carrying the plants to their designated spot. Today Conrad & Louise Watkins worked very hard and completed our pond project. I will certainly recommend anyone to you who needs advice / plants for their ponds ! I enclose some photos for you to see the end result. Thank you once again . Best wishes Anne Whitehead, 13 July 2023

Thanks for the plants they are all doing great.
Karen Holvey, 3 July 2023

Hi SoniaDelivery received and all plants healthy. Thank you very much for your service.RegardsBryan, 29 June 2023

Hi both - just to say that I received my order today.
Excellent plants - bigger than I expected and very healthy - so I shall have to prune the marginals down a bit later on to fit my pond shelves. If there are any marginals in my order that would not tolerate a bit of 'downsizing' in due course do let me know, otherwise no need to respond.
Just for your information, your courier APC is the best I have come across - very good delivery updates on the website and a friendly, helpful driver. (Take note UPS and the rest!)
Best wishes
Geoff Ralph, 28 June 2023

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful plants that arrived in tip top condition. I'm delighted and they look amazing in the pond already.Hilary Gemmill, 27 June 2023

Hi David,
We were very pleased with your plants and all installed.  There were a few gaps so have ordered more from you.
Kind Regards,
Roy Davies, 18 June 2023

excellent packaging , excellent plants , excellent delivery. First class. Thanks.Wayne Morgan, 17 June 2023

Thank you so much, the plants were super good quality.
Carol Batterson, 14 June 2023

Many thanks for this order the plants arrived in excellent condition and we are very pleased with them.Judith Paterson, 10 June 2023

Awesome thanks - all arrived safe and sound and now in their new watery home! Plants look great - thanks
Louisa Norman, 7 June 2023

Hello David
My order arrived today in perfect condition.
Thank you so much.
Eleanor, 11 May 2023

The plants arrived in excellent condition yesterday and are now planted up (or submerged). I would just like to let you know how impressed we were with the quality of the plants and how well they were packaged – by far the best that we have bought this year.
Best wishes
Henry Thomas, 4 May 2023

They’ve arrived - and look fantastic!
Thank you
Phil Parker, 28 April 2023

Many thanks for the great plants that have just arrived in brilliant condition. A very efficient courier. I will plant them up and put into the pond this afternoon.
Kind regards
Petra Eaglesfield, 26 April 2023

Hi Sonia
Everything arrived yesterday.  Thank you for taking such good care with the packing, the plants all arrived in such good condition and we are delighted with them, they are so well grown, healthy and well labelled.
We potted them up and planted them in the pond yesterday afternoon – not quite the weather we had hoped for, it was chilly with a nasty northeasterly but I am sure the plants will be up and away as the weather improves, you have given them such a good start.  We will plant the bog plants today.
With best wishes,
Sandie, 19 April 2023

The plants arrived safely on Wednesday evening and I got them all in to their new homes yesterday 😊
Many thanks for a great service
Caroline Smith 7 April 2023

Hi Sonia and the team
I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with my bog garden plants delivered today.
I don't think I have ever had better condition plants by post. They are all excellent quality plants and I am thrilled to see flowers and buds on several that I can enjoy this season.
Packaging and labelling also so very very good.
Many many thanks.
Angie Flack 6 April 2023

Hi David,
     Thanks very much for the information and help it's appreciated, I wouldn't hesitate to use your services in the future.
  Kind regards,
      Wayne Turner, 24 January 2023

Hi David,
Plants and other bits all received today, thank you! They look great and I can't wait to get them in. Thanks very much for the instructions for the frog/tadpole plants, that's very helpful. No problem about the water lily - the big one does look very healthy. Should I have ordered a 10 litre basket for that or will it be ok for a while as it is?
Thank you again, 29 November 2022

Hi David
I received the plants this morning and just wanted to say thanks for your excellent service and all your previous advice. The plants all look wonderfully healthy.
Once we have prepared our bog garden we will be back for more.
Thanks again for your help.
Karen Spearing, 10 November 2022

Hi David
I just wanted to thank you so much for your Service (outstanding!) and the lovely healthy plants sent. I am chuffed to bits with them. I believe the final Lily is arriving today, the rest of my order was received yesterday and is now in the new wildlife pond - I suspect I may need a few more come spring and if I do, I will certainly be ordering them from Puddleplants.
Thank you
Jayne -26 October 2022

Good evening,
Just to let you know that all plants arrived yesterday safely, well packaged and the outer box was intact.
The plants are all excellent  healthy specimens at a great price, I am very happy.
I hope the snails like their new home.
I look forward to buying some more plants off you in the spring.
Thank you for the below message they fitted in perfectly.
Kind regards Kevin Nolan, 6 October 2022

Hi David,
I’d just like to thank you for all your advice about planting up our pond & bog garden. Both are planted up & look great. Just the right amount of plants & they arrived in great condition. Thank you so much to both you & Sonia.
I recommended Puddleplants to a friend who needed to plant up her pond, & will do in future. Have a great week.
Best wishes,
Ceri May 26 September 2022

Hi Dave,Mike here.😁👍.
It was truly wonderful meeting you personally yesterday Dave and your attention to detail a stroke of genius !!!
  We received the 2 lily plants from some company Dave and are absolutely disgraceful compared to your magnificent one we bought from you.!!😱👍
  We WILL want another from you please Dave sometime such is our delight with yours but in the Spring Dave.? We can buy any time again Dave.? 😁👍.
Thanks again for the great advice youve given us both and yep we will not hesitate to get in touch as and when of course Dave.😊👍.
 Regards to your lovely Sonia when she returns tomorrow.🙏🏻👫👍.
            Cheers Dave.
       Mike and Jurgita, 21 September 2022

David , My order arrived yesterday and I am delighted with Mrs Richmond, very well packaged and much larger than I expected. The waterlily is the first addition to our new pond. When the landscaping is finished I look forward to ordering more plants from you. Thank you for your help and advice. Kind regards -Jenny Cessford, 9 September 2022

Thank you David for sending the wonderful specimen of Barbara Dobbins to our dear friend Pete last week. He’s just sent us this pic of it very happy in its new pond. It’s been in since last Wednesday. He’s over the moon with it - his exact words. I’m looking forward to seeing it in person when we arrive on Friday. Thank you once again - a truly fabulous quality plant and super service about plants you are rightly passionate about. Best regards, Julia Kostiw, 6 September 2022

Hi Sonia
I have taken delivery of my pond plants today and just wanted to say thank you. The plants were well packaged and arrived in excellent condition.
My neighbour recommended Puddle Plants to me.
I look forward to watching them grow and if I should need any more plants I will definitely order from you again.
Many thanks
Wendy Muddell, 1 September 2022

Dear PuddleplantsThank you for my order (30087) which came yesterday – in perfect weather for ‘playing ponds’! I was more than happy when I opened the big box, my first from you – the plants are, I think, the best plants I have ever bought from anywhere on line. Fantastic size, growth, everything! Now I’ve found you I will never go anywhere else for pond plants and products.See you again in the Spring, to get a few others that were understandably ‘out of stock’.All best wishesJenny Roberts, 26 August 2022 

Hi David,The plants arrived safe and sound and, as always, they look great. Thank you.Angie Sarchet, 26 August 2022

Hi David,
Thanks for the email. I've just finished planting them all up. I'm really pleased with them, they're really lovely plants. I was going to email you to thank you. I'll leave a review on your website if there's a facility to do that as well.
Thanks again,
Dee Marshall, 24 August 2022

Hello David, I have received my 'puddle plants' yesterday, thank you. They are in excellent condition and are happily in my ponds.
Thank you very much for your (as always) excellent service.
Thank you again for the great plants.
Best Regards Rachel Horton, 12 August 2022

Hi David, thanks for calling me back this morning with my question about what to do with the Lily after “duck-gate” 🤣Just thought I would show you how beautiful it was!Thank you for your time Jo Newson, 24 August 2022