Puddle Plants Indicates plants native to the UK.
Puddle Plants Indicates plants that attract the wild life.

Irises are a must for any water or bog garden, with strong architectural upright sword-shaped leaves which produce spectacular flowers in late spring or early summer, with a wide variety of colours, flower size, shapes and petal variations.

Our irises can be split into two groups: those that will flourish in water all year around (the true water irises) and those that are better suited to a bog garden.  As a general rule the bog irises are not suitable to be planted in the pond margins all year around, whilst the true water irises will be happy in a bog garden that is reliably moist all year around.

We stock a good range of some of the most attractive of both types of iris covering different colours and styles.  These irises are also included in their respective bog and marginal categories.

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