Newt collection

Newt collection

A collection of 10 native pond plants suitable for attracting newts.  This collection is really for supplemental planting unless you have a very small pond (<=1m sq.) and will cover 2-3m of marginal shelves depending on the desired planting density.  For a new small pond you might want to add an additional oxygenator and a deep water plant like a Water lily or Water hawthorn.

Newts need safe places to lay their eggs after mating between April and June. Typically the newts lay their tiny jelly like eggs in leaves of pond plants which have been folded over to protect the eggs.  It is best to avoid having fish in your pond if you want to encourage newts as they will eat the baby newts. 

Whilst they return to the pond to breed they spend most of their life outside the pond and will shelter, feed and hibernate in damp shady places like log piles, loose rockeries or piles of stones, compost heaps or under sheds, so anything you can provide near to the pond along these lines will encourage them to stay and breed in your pond.

The collection will consist of:

1 Oxygenator

9 Marginal plants

The plants will be selected from our range of native plants and may include plants from the following list:

Hornwort, Willow moss, Starwort, Water forget-me-not, Water mint, Water cress, Sweet reed grass, Marsh cinquefoil, Water plantain, Fools Water cress, Branched Bur-reed, Bogbean, Lesser Spearwort, Yellow flag, Soft rush, Mare's tail, Water crowfoot, Purple loostrife, Water soldier and Brooklime.

We will endeavour to supply as much variety as possible with a minimum of five different types of plant in each pack

Plants will be supplied in 9cm pots and bare root.

This collection is available without planting baskets, with baskets only, or as a complete package including soil and aquatic gravel -please select  from "Collection options" box below. 

Planting in baskets you would need to purchase 14 litres of soil and 1.7 litre of gravel.  If the baskets option is selected we will supply approx 50/50 1 and 2 litre baskets with the 2 litre baskets for the taller/larger growing plants.

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Collection options
Marsh marigold Bog bean Hornwort
Water crowfoot 11cm (1 litre ) square planting basket

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